Friday, December 30, 2011

The whole thought -- simple but valid

This is it -- so have fun whenever it's possible.

There's a tendency in art to worry so much about
whether what we're doing is worthy, or will
it stand the test of time.  Ultimately does it
stand the test of enjoyment?  Did you have
fun creating it?  Does it make you happy looking
at it?  The test of time happens after this party
is over.  Meanwhile enjoy the dancing.  It's a 
short ride on this little planet.  That's my cat
Timbah.  He works hard at having fun.  A good


cohen labelle said...

Barbara, you are twice blessed, you are not only a fun-o manic, but also you are a word-o manic.
In essence I agree – carpe diem, seize the day – I’ll make it my new year’s resolution.
Speaking of the new year – we thank you both for the fantastic party and for allowing us to stay over – so nice!!! And sorry to Fiona for almost stepping on her toes – my big feet and her little ones.

love, Marcia

Linda Popple said...

Love this, Barbara!! It is sooo true, but sometimes we all need a reminder! Timbah is definitely a reminder for you. :-)

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