Saturday, October 22, 2016

A delightful opening -- (vernissage) at the Louvre!

Left to right Marnix, Rolf Leemeijer, Miranda Brouwers, Hugo and me.
in front of my painting Dream Selfie -- Wonder Water Image #7 

Here we are in Paris, a bit tired after a hard week, but
how exciting to be in an opening at the Louvre and to
see my wonderful friends from the Florence Biennale,
Miranda Brouwers and her husband Rolf and to meet their
 sons -- Marnix and Hugo.

Me and Miranda Brouwers with 
her beautiful painting,
Morning Mist

Plus the super funny interpreter for the show, along with Directors
Francesco and Salvatore Russo, Alessandra Masha Mascitti is there
all weekend, and it was fantastic to see her last night.

The Carrousel du Louvre exhibition is huge -- massive, and
last night so packed with people that it was a challenge to
get photos with our paintings, so please forgive the bizarre
angles, we had to bump our way in behind the crowds.
Which of course is wonderful!  I've never seen so many
people at an art show. More to come on Paris, and this super

Me with my painting.  

Monday, October 10, 2016

Great show in New York City -- Next stop Paris!

Me with my large diptych, Heading Home, at the beginning of the opening
The painting is done in Acrylic on canvas,
and is 4 feet x 6 feet 
Barbara Muir © 2016

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone,

Our Thanksgiving is about the harvest and giving thanks for the good
things in our lives.  I feel so happy today about my life, my family,
and my friends.  I've just returned from New York City, where
my large diptych Heading home, and two smaller landscapes --
Across the highway, and A magical day in the neighbourhood are
beautifully displayed.  The paintings are on view there for the month
of October, so if you're in New York, check them out at the Amsterdam
Whitney Gallery.
As soon as the delightful champagne opening started the room my work
was in filled up with people who clearly felt at home in front of
Heading home, and my two smaller landscapes, Across the highway,
and A magical day in the neighbourhood.  
I met some wonderful artists who are in the group show I'm in, Luminita
 Gliga, from Roumania, who was there with her sister the writer Dana Gliga.
I loved Luminita's work, and we had a great conversation about acrylics --
she paints in acrylics too, and we both like David Hockney's paintings.
Luminita Gliga, and her beautiful paintings.
 They are glorious.
I also met and enjoyed talking to Alice Cescatti all the way from London,
England.  She does gorgeous pieces on wood with real silver leaf --
some abstract and some landscape work.  And I loved the paintings of
Sally Ruddy, and  John Peters' work, and the powerful abstract sculptures
by Jim Keller.

My thanks to the ever wonderful and dramatic Gallery Director,
Ruthie Tucker who orchestrates a super champagne opening, is
kind and considerate and generous, and to her husband, Alton
Louis Amsterdam the 4th.  Thank you to Diego for hanging my
work perfectly, and to Torie for helping with everything.  What
a team!

My next stop is Paris and the Carousel du Louvre the weekend
after next.  Just home in Toronto to catch a breath and then off
to more art excitement.

Happy Thanksgiving -- I am grateful to all of you for supporting
me in this creative world.

Have a being thankful for the good things day.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Showing in New York CIty!

Heading home
Diptych -- 4 ft. x 6 ft.
Acrylic on canvas
Barbara Muir © 2016
Tomorrow (Saturday October 8, 2016) is at 531 West 25th Street,
Ground Floor, Suite 4 in New York City.  The show
runs for the month of October.  If you're in town and want to
see it, you can call the gallery to get an invitation to the
special opening between 3 and 5 tomorow, or visit the gallery any
 time in the next month to check it out.

I am exhibiting a large diptych landscape called Heading Home,
and 2 other landscapes -- A magic day in the neighbourhood,
and Across the highway.

We landed in New York yesterday and have been to the MoMA,
and Rockefeller Square, where people are skating in the warm
weather.  New York is always exciting, with hits of beauty around
every corner.

Our first stop at the MoMA gallery is always the Monet Water Lilies on
the 5th floor.  Cannot get enough of them.  This time I read
that Monet started those huge paintings when he was 74 and
kept working in a large format until he was 86, when he died.
New things hit me about the paintings every time I see them.
This time I noticed that they are not framed.  That made me
happy, but each time I notice more colour surprises.
Wonderful.  I also love talking to the docents.  One measured
the large Matisse of the women dancing by walking in front
if it, and counting his one foot long steps.  13 or 14 feet wide
he said.  Amazing.

Have an enjoying  the art day.

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