Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Summer thoughts working through the week


Peach paradise
Acrylic ink on
cradled birch 
6 x 6 inches
Barbara Muir © 2020

Monday my watch word when I woke up was puddle. What did I mean by that? I meant that my goal for the day was just to puddle along trying to get things done as the ideas came into my head. You can’t find that as a verb on the Internet. But I looked in the Oxford hardcover dictionary and puddle is a verb meaning more or less to mess around, or do things inexpertly.

How did that process work? Well not that badly. I did a bit of painting. I visited the Art store and bought paint. I worked a little bit on the portrait I’m doing. and spent some time in the garden.

Most surprising of all I actually froze a tray of peaches to put away for the winter. I do love peaches, so maybe I will put a painting from last summer of peaches up again here tonight.

As I moved on through the week – I may put a little video of the sound of the construction on our street today up for your pleasure – my word yesterday was persistence. That was handy as I was stuck in very long traffic jams, so that it took almost two hours to do two small errands. 

And the word for today was organize because we had people coming to the house to do some work that was important. My advice to parents is not to ground your children if their rooms are a mess. You’ll turn them into adults like me who are allergic to that word. Luckily one of my most delightful jobs was teaching positive psychology.  And because it was for college students, organization and time management were crucial add ons to a course designed to build self esteem. 

Teaching that changed my life. And now I can pull it together when I have to.

What was your word of the day? (Polite please!)

*Note.  Haven't been able to upload the video yet.  When I can, it will be here.  Have a great 
rest of the week.

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