Saturday, February 23, 2008

I love Saturday

On Saturday, even if I have to work -- I need a couple of hours following Fiona's example.
Here's our newest baby in her basket. This weekend I have a collection of magazines and the Globe for entertainment. I read while I drink two coffees (my morning ritual every day),
then continue reading until the cats start crying outside my door, and I realize they're right; it's time to move it. Now I've washed the bathroom floor, tidied a bit, read Karen von Hahn in the
Globe Style section, read the March Oprah magazine's great articles on happiness and feel ready to paint.

Happiness seems to be the whole point in some ways -- our own and everyone else's. Apparently I'm not wrong that you can learn how to be happy. (Good because I try to
incorporate that into every lesson at school and it seems to work -- the kids learn and get
happier at the same time). My brother says that he's adopted the Philosophy of Dogs,
a book I've long thought about writing. Unless a dog is maltreated, hungry, in a thunder storm,
or separated from its people, it's happy. Dogs wake up happy, and pretty much love everything.
My brother says he's like that. No angst. Can't say that's me, but I'm working on it bit by bit.
Have a happy day.

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RabbitCatalyst said...

Oh my! A Fiona in a basket! Such a lovely little miss kitty. She's bigger than when I last saw an image of her (shoulder-riding at that!). :)

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