Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Big News -- New baby across the street and come out to Faces and Places Closing Party

We were quietly returning from supper at Ikea
and picking up a few things at the grocery store
when the fuss began. There's nothing like a fire
engine with sirens blaring stopping at your neighbour's
house to get your heart beating faster.  Follow that by
two Ambulances and it seemed clear that Cathy
across the street was having her baby.  I stood in
my winter coat watching all the lights flashing fervently
hoping that all was well, and quite a few
neighbours came out -- some in nightgowns with
ski jackets over top.

A few minutes later the firemen emerged cheerily from Cathy and
Pat's front door raised their arms up in a jubilant gesture
and said -- Baby Number Two -- a Boy.  Pretty exciting stuff.
In fact I'd say the most exciting news in the hood for all of us
who have known Cathy could have her baby any day.
Here's to Pat and Cathy and their new baby boy.  Here's to
Mathias who is the older brother now at two.  Pat is a great Dad,
Cathy a sweet Mom  -- all is well.

Faces and Places Closing Party is today -- November
24 from 6 - 8 p.m. at Studio Vogue Gallery, 216 Avenue
Road, Toronto.  Come on out and have a glass of wine.
Gill Cameron and I would love to see you there, and
would love for you to see a really great show.

Have a-Thursday's-a-great-day-for-an-art-show day.


Kim Rempel said...

Ahhh...a baby. Sweetness and innocence and love ; ) I had so wanted to come tonight Barbara but alas it won't work. My husband is having eye surgery and I am his driver, poor guy. Anyway, I wish you a wonderful night and will be there in spirit!

Melinda said...

Whoo! That is fantastic. How very exciting for you and all of your neighbors. I'm so happy that all is well.

Best wishes with the closing party. I'm happy for you too.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Kim,

I would have loved to see you. It will happen, and I'll get down to see you. Can't wait.

XO Barbara

Nicki said...

Oh what a wonderful story! A baby. I'm sure a call like that which turns out so well really makes the day for the emergency workers.

I hope you are thrilled with how your show went now that it is wrapping up.

Hugs to you,

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

It's really exciting, and the best thing of all is that all is well. When the emergency people come you worry. But it was wonderful to know the baby was here.

Just got home from the closing party. It was really fun -- awesome in fact.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nicki,

It was a great show and a wonderful closing party. I had a super time.

Thanks for your sweet wishes.

XO Barbara

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