Friday, February 8, 2013

Left to my own devices, and shovelling all day

 Snow girl
iPad drawing
(drawn with my finger)
8 x 10 inches
Barbara Muir © 2013

I am working on a painting that's taking me too long.
I like it, and I know it will be fine, and at first it was
flying off the brush, and then -- whump -- it started
to slow down, and now we're taking the scenic route
to the finish line.

Speaking of devices -- so I thought after shovelling
the driveway, and front walk, and back stairs so the
dog could get out to pee, maybe I'd do a quick sketch
on my iPhone to show you something.  Aha.  So I
did a not-so-quick sketch of tulips that was beautiful,
and I was thrilled.  Here was my first iPhone sketch.
And it was so pretty and I tried to export it anywhere
on my iPhone, and it wouldn't.  So it said New Sketch?
And I touched that, and lost the first one.  Argh etc.
So I started again.  Did another lovely sketch. Was as
happy as a cat with an ikea moose (my cat's favorite
-- not actually it's the little shark, but we can't find it.)
And -- same problem -- no way to import it.

So...I got out my iPad, thinking maybe it will magically
zoom over to that device if they are linked through
my computer. Wrong!  So I left that drawing there,
and chose this drawing I already had on my iPad --
updated her for today with a scarf and fake fur hooded
parka, and Voila.  I can go back to my painting, and
you can laugh at me for my insanity.

Meanwhile the driveway, walk and back stairs and path around
the house were tackled by Steven and Sam, and then I
took another go at the job.  Why?  It snowed, and snowed
and snowed, and snowed, and snowed, and is still snowing.

Bundle up and buy high boots.  Invaluable.

Have a trudging-through-snow-happily day.

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