Monday, December 8, 2014

Staring hard and The Dream -- A visit from the greats

 The Invitation
Acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 inches
Barbara Muir © 2009
I don't think I'll get to paint this week --
it is filled with other work.  Of course I
want to, and when I let myself have a short
nap today I had one of those momentous
dreams that underscores what I should be
 My Cat Timbah, and the painting
 at the end of the room
We have been camping for nearly a month in
our back (small) bedroom while we wait for
a new bed to arrive.  The room needs attention
because it was my youngest son's nest until
recently.  But it hosts a gallery of my work
mostly featuring Sam, and I've enjoyed
looking at it, and figuring out what I'd do to
each painting if I had the time.

Snuggled in there this afternoon I
suppose I was drifting into a meditative
state, and then before I knew it into full
scale dreaming.

So. I was sleeping on the beach we visit
near Pugwash Nova Scotia. Part of
my mind was seeing Christmas lights, and
then hustling down the beach toward me
came a group of artists.  But not just any artists --
Mary Cassatt, Emily Carr (I don't think
they ever really met), Vincent van Gogh,
Matisse, and Gaugin.

An unlikely group to be walking together I
know. In my dream they were all around
the same age (inaccurate I'm afraid),
their long, dark coats fluttering
in the wind.  The women holding onto
decidedly inappropriate hats.

They treated me to a heated discussion
about the importance of colour, and were
incredibly kind to me, encouraging
me to keep using vivid colour and not to go
quiet or bland.
The wall of Sam paintings
(I took this photo with panorama on my phone
so the room looks as if it bends.  It doesn't.)

Before I fell asleep, I was staring at the painting
on the wall at the end of the room. I've looked at
it every day for almost two months now, and
 I'm planning some changes to it .
 Come back for a visit to see where it goes
 -- nothing major, just small changes I need
to make.

Does this happen to you when you look at
your older work?  Do you see things you love,
and places on some work that you'd change?

Have a happy day enjoying your work.


Unknown said...

oh my that dream must have been fun!! how lovely. I think we hear what we need to hear in our dreams. that's exciting. nice that you've had time in the other room to contemplate the works. yes, I rework older paintings too when I notice what i can improve.

Kim Rempel said...

Cool dream Barbara! Did you ever see Midnight in Paris? I think you'd like it : ) It is a busy time of year for sure. I like that yo have all these paintings of your family <3

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Sally,

Yes it was astounding. I'm glad to hear that you revise older works.
I don't want to overdo that tendency. I had a teacher who would go into galleries, take his work out of the frames and work on a corner then put the whole thing (glass, frame, etc.) back together again.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Kim,

I did see the movie, it was lovely.
I seem to head to the beach, I think because that's where so many guided meditations begin. But Paris would be really wonderful. It is an insanely busy time of year.


Nicki said...

Barbara, I love that dream- I wouldn't have wanted to wake up! I am glad they told you to stay with your vivid, lively colour. I can't imagine you painting in a toned down, gray way. Nope- it would not be a Barbara Muir painting.

Love what you do! XO

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nicki,

I didn't want to wake up either, but it's always great to wake up in time to remember the best dreams. I can see it like a movie, and wish I could recreate it.

Merry Christmas Nicki.
I so love your work.


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