Thursday, March 12, 2015

A complimentary observer

Poem by the Don
acrylic on canvas
36 x 48 inches (diptych)
Barbara Muir © 2008
(This is one painting of
a person reading that isn't
in the collection posted by
the blogger in the Netherlands.)
Every now and then, I check out the images
under my name on the web, seeing if my
more recent work is at the top, and wincing when
unfinished work is there, and pieces I prefer
are much farther down the page.

The other day I made a strange but happy
discovery -- a blogger named Bas van 
Houwelingen had done an entire blogpost on 
his Reading and Art blog of my paintings of 
people reading.  It was a surprise to me to hit 
one of my older images and see this post. I'd
forgotten some of the paintings, and realized
that this was a big theme in my work.

I am a big believer in reading, and my friend
Marcia said the other day that I am an
obsessive reader.  I know that the ability to
read makes a huge difference in a student's
life, and a love of reading is a lifelong gift.

My work on the
 Reading and Art blog.
I am both flattered and grateful that Bas 
noticed my work. Thanks Bas for the work
you do.

Have a supporting-reading-artists-day.


Unknown said...

that's a cool discovery!nice! Those paintings are wonderful!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sally,

It was pretty cool. I'd forgotten how often reading was my theme.


Wendy Barrett said...

Hi Barbara, what a lovely surprise it must have been for you to see your work celebrated on Bas' blog. I had a look and can see why he featured your beautiful paintings. Being an avid reader myself,I love how you celebrate reading in your work. Your paintings are such a treat to look at!!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Wendy,

Thank you very much! It was a lovely surprise indeed. I felt honoured. It's funny I think about how we'll portray readers in the future (well actually the present) - with their iPads? Not quite as appealing to paint.

Love your work.


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