Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How and why?

What I've shown so far, in the Facebook, 5 paintings in 5 days challenge.
It's Day 3.

From left to right:
Summer clouds Wallace Bridge   Now that looks good! Wonder Water Image #6
Acrylic on canvas                           Acrylic on canvas          Acrylic on canvas
40 x 40 inches                                 24 x 24 inches               30 x 30 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014                  Barbara Muir © 2015     Barbara Muir © 2015

I was thinking about how people see the other day.
I was at a family member's house and we were
debating the colour of a chair I've always
loved.  It is a true vermillion -- to the red side
of that colour.

The next day I thought that what separates
visual artists from other people is the idea of "how?"
When we look at anything, our mate, our breakfast,
our backyard, our car, our cat -- we're thinking, 'how?'
How would I paint that, or draw that?  We take
vision beyond the visual, into the realm of what
we make from what we see.  It's a delicious,
frustrating and wildly exciting way to look at the
world, and I'm enormously grateful to be captivated
by art's spell.

Right now I'm doing the 5 paintings in 5 days project
on Facebook, and it's reminding me of the many
ways I've tried to figure out the how.  I am a bit
braver now than I was a few years back.  I want to
try taking my favorite visions beyond memory
and into either a painting or drawing.

But why?  The why in my case is all about
emotion.  The look of a place, a meal, a face --
moves me to want to try a painting. At first
I might feel out of my depth, but if I keep on
going, sometimes the magic Elizabeth Gilbert talks
about in her book Big Magic takes over, and I feel
so happy to have made something new.

Have a living-for-how-and-why day.


suzanneberry said...

Wonderful work, all!! Congratulations on the success of your challenge!

and thank you for your kind words on Plumline, much appreciated!

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Suzanne,

I wanted to recommend you to pick up the challenge, but don't
know if you're on Facebook. I so love your work.


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