Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sold in New York City! An amazing week

 Wonder Water Image #5
Acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 inches
Barbara Muir © 2015
Excitement is mounting for our trip to New York City
later this month for the ground floor opening of
the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery.  Our dear friend
Franco Mbilizi is going to meet us there, and we
are all trying to hold down our enthusiasm.  Franco
is a super talented artist, kind, funny and amazing
person, and he is featured in the British Vogue 100th
anniversary issue, and in British GQ, and soon
in British House and Gardens.

I was getting the details of our trip to New York
worked out, preparing my work for teaching
two nights a week for the next seven weeks,
and trying to keep it all together with some
meditating so I could tell my wonderful artist
friend Janet in California that I am keeping up
my meditation practice, when I got the news
that this painting, which I love so much --
for the painting, and the wonderful model,
Emily, my son's girlfriend -- has sold!
Wonderful.  The painting was in the Florence
Biennale as part of an ocean series.

This is such happy news to carry with us
to the gala opening. Thank you Emily for
your wonderful work posing, and for the
inspiration for this piece.

Have a buying art from artists day.


Nicki said...

Fantastic! Congratulations Barbara! XO

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful painting! The owners will love it, I''m sure. Congratulations!

Kim Rempel said...

Barbara, that is fantastic news! Very, very happy for you. Somewhere there is a lucky new owner of this sparkling painting! Your upcoming trip sounds amazing. Congratulations and hugs!!

Diane said...

How fabulous!!

verna vogel said...

Congratulations on the sale! It's a lovely painting :)

I like that you meditate to keep yourself together. Seven weeks of 2-nights-a-week teaching is pretty intense. Do you find it hard to work in the studio in the weeks that you teach? I do. Maybe I should start a meditation practice...


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nicki,

Thank you so much. I so love everything you do, and hope
we can see you out here in the eastern parts of the country


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Flora,

Thank you so much. I am happy it is going to new owners
who love art, because I really love the painting. It
makes me feel good looking at it and thinking about
wonderful Emily, and the whole idea of saving our oceans.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Kim,

Thank you so much. I am really looking forward to New York
and seeing Franco. The gala opening will be fun! But what
to wear. My designer -- Joe Fresh -- needs to think of something!

Miss you.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Diane,

Thanks so much. I'm delighted that you like it.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Verna,

Thank you so much. Yes it is hard to find the time to paint, especially
when I'm teaching English and there is a lot of marking to do.
Meditation just calms me down a bit when life is exciting -- which
seems to be pretty much all the time! I have a lot of painting to
do for upcoming shows here, and in Holland, and New York -- so I will
certainly paint. Somehow!


Wendy Barrett said...

Fantastic news Barbara! Congratulations! How lucky you are to be so close that you can "nip" down to New York again so soon. I'm so pleased I walked down to the gallery that day to see your painting in the flesh - and now I can picture the gallery when you speak of it. Such an enriching time for me over there and such a thrill to be able to meet up with you and Steven!
Well done for keeping up with your meditation practise. I would have loved to have talked to you about that as well as everything else but the time passed so quickly - maybe a Skyping session is in order?

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Wendy,

Thank you so much and thank you for putting everything into perspective. From your vantage point New York is no distance away. I'm so glad you went to see the gallery and the paintings too. The gallery is moving to a ground floor address, and we are going
to the opening. I was so excited to meet you, and so glad we could spend the evening with you. At this point I feel bereft if I don't do at least 20 minutes a day of guided meditation, and the funniest thing of all is that my Siamese cat has to sit on me while I meditate. When I breathe in she climbs up to my neck, then relaxes when I breathe out. That adds a whole other dimension to the practice. I would be delighted to call you some time soon. Let's figure it out by email at the end of next week.


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