Friday, March 10, 2017

Something you may not know

Flowers for my father
pencil crayon on paper
21 1/2 x 26 inches
Barbara Muir ©
Although it isn't my objective now as a painter
I was trained at the Ontario College of Art
and Design in Toronto as a classical artist.
How we drew, how we painted -- in most
classes was in the shadow of Michelangelo,
Rembrandt, Vermeer, you name it.  We barely
reached the influence of the Impressionists.
Oh we did, but I only stayed for two and half
years, and then left to study art at another
university, and ended up getting an English
Literature degree.

I did this drawing when I was doing mainly
flower painting, and the style definitely reflects
my training. Now I like high key colour, and
lots of abstraction.  This drawing was a tribute to
my father's passion for flowers, which he passed on
to me.
Flowers for my father
pencil crayon on paper
(almost full view)
21 1/2 x 26 inches
Barbara Muir ©
The piece has been staring at me for weeks,wondering when
I would show it to you.  Photographing it was a bit of
a challenge because it's framed, and everything reflects
off the glass. So I've done a close up, and an almost full image of
the drawing.  The flowers are in a jug, sitting on a
table cloth my parents purchased in Madeira, Portugal --
a place my mother and father loved, and visited often for holidays.

It's the end of the week, and time to enjoy the weekend.
I hope these flowers urge you to go and get some of
your own.

Have an enjoying-your-older-work day.


Catherine Jeffrey said...

Hi Barbara
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful posting on your blog featuring my work along with other amazing artists. With a recent computer crash and getting sick after the show, I am now just getting up to speed. Its interesting the paths we take to get where we are. I was accepted to OCAD (way back when!) but chose to take Fine Arts at the University of Alberta. I was disillusioned with the instruction and ended up with a degree in Education,
majoring in French with a Minor in Art. We have both found our own path and artistic style which for me is a journey that is a continuum of discovering and learning. Its interesting to look at early work. These flowers have such a soft feel and a place in your heart, inspired by your Father. Thanks for sharing your work and words. Its always a pleasure to drop by.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Catherine,
Ou stories are similar. I too was massively disillusioned with what was going on when
I switched to another university's art program. I considered drama and acted in some
plays, but the best teachers of all were in the English Department, so that's what
attracted me. Super intelligent, forces for learning about whichever authors or
poets they taught -- to me they were miraculous. And I was lucky to already have
had a love of reading, and words.

Now I wish I'd added languages in to that, and learned more in a multitude of
languages. Love your work, and was excited to see it at The Artist Project.


laura said...

Such an exuberant, life- and love-filled drawing!

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Laura so much. I think I did it when I was working as an
editor for a corporate magazine. The Art DIrector thought it was a
crime that I wasn't doing my art, so even with a busy job, and young
children I started again. I am very grateful to him.


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