Monday, May 28, 2018

A complete and utter delight -- taking part in the Water for Life exhibition

Water for Life Official VIP Opening at the Niagara Falls History Museum.
Left to right -- the Mayor of Niagara Falls, Jim Diodati, Antoine Gaber,
Artistic Director, and artist, me -- Barbara Muir, sculptor, 
Gabrielle Fischer Horvath, and at the side of the photo Angelina 
Herrera, Cultural Promoter for the exhibition. 
(Photo courtesy Antoine Gaber)
After months of buildup two weeks ago we were in Niagara
Falls at the Niagara Falls History Museum for the International
Art Exhibition about saving the world's water -- Water for Life!

I knew I would have a great time with friends from the
Florence Biennale, Steffie Wallace and her husband Neil
from Australia, and Wessel Huisman from the Netherlands.
But I so happy to discover that everyone involved with hanging
the show, and organizing the two openings, and the artists' gala
dinner were gracious, thoughtful, considerate and absolutely
wonderful to the artists.
Me with Angelina Herrera, Cultural Promoter for Water for Life
in front of my painting Cloud Magic

I met Angelina Herrera when I showed in the Florence Biennale,
in 2009, and 2015, and Antoine Gaber, the Artistic Director,
Susan Moase the Museum Curator, and Jason Borbidge,
the cinematographer, the weekend before when we dropped off
my large painting.  They were lovely and friendly, and posed
for the pictures that I shared on Facebook. I felt both happy
and excited after that visit.

My happiness grew and grew as the official opening
weekend unfolded.  My work was hung in a beautiful
spot, so that everyone entering one side of the gallery could see
it on the wall at the other end of the space.  Everyone's work
was beautifully and thoughtfully hung and displayed.

We saw the show first on May 11 at the artist's opening at
in the late afternoon.  It was breathtaking, and all of the artists
(32 of the 37 in the exhibition) met one another and took
photos in front of each other's work.

Then it was off to a delicious dinner at the Skylon restaurant
looking over the falls -- part of the inspiration for the exhibition.

The next day we met for the official VIP opening -- a magnificent and
elegant affair, with dignitaries including the mayor of Niagara Falls,
 and the local Ontario Member of Parliament, Wayne Gates. We all met
the mayor, took photographs with him as artistic representatives from 18 countries.
Then we were drummed into the auditorium by Strong Water Women,
an indigenous drumming group who drummed and sang and spoke about
the importance of water.
Strong Water Women an indigenous group drumming and singing 
the artists into the auditorium in the museum for the presentations.

We were praised and lauded as artists hand selected from
countries around the world to take part in the exhibition, and
given an distinctive certificate of participation by the mayor
Jim Diodati.

It was a joyous and special night -- one of the nicest I've experienced.
My heartfelt thanks goes out to all of the crew at the Niagara
Falls History Museum and to the staff at the Skylon for
an over the top treat.  I'm sure all of the other artists would
agree with me that it was entirely joyful, and we were all
sad to say goodbye to each other, and to Niagara Falls.
If you are in the area, treat yourself to a glorious exhibition of
beautiful and moving art.  The exhibition is on until September 9.

Have a going to see an art show day.


cohen labelle said...

Congratulations, Barbara!!
This sounds so exciting. We’ll head down for a visit, we’re only an hour away. The show looks amazing, your work looks beautiful and as always you are looking positively stunning.

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you so much Marcia. Maybe we could all go together one day,
and then head out somewhere for a meal - lunch, dinner?
You are a complete sweetheart as always.


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