Sunday, December 30, 2018

The 2008th -- 2013th things I learned this year

Best summer drive
Acrylic on canvas
12 x 12 inches
Barbara Muir © 2017
To continue to try and fulfill the challenge given to
me by the wonderful writer and photographer,
Howard Wolinksy to write about the 2018 things
I learned this year:

The 2008th thing I learned (again and again)

Be Happy!  Doesn't that sound simple? It is, but we
lose our way over such ridiculous things -- like
traffic.  Instead of thinking, 'I'm clean and dry and
listening to my music', we think, 'I can't move as
quickly as I want.  This bus, this train, this plane,
this car is not going fast enough.'  But the reality is
the whole thing -- my life -- is whizzing by, so I choose
to enjoy it and you.  And I am so blessed that my
family and friends are wonderful!

The 2009th thing I learned (again)

Coffee is important.  Don't knock it.  People like
me need three large cups to get moving, but when
we do get moving, we are usually pretty fun to be

The 2010th thing I learned

Art is healing.  As an artist I knew that.  When I'm painting
and things are going well, I do feel happy and my troubles
fall away.  But now hospitals, and therapists are taking
people to art galleries, because being around art makes
people feel better. And hospitals are installing art for
patients to enjoy!  This of course means that you would
feel great if you bought some art -- contact me! :-)

The 2011th thing I learned

Enjoy this moment.  Here I am alone late at night (early)
in the morning) writing to you, and it is wonderful.
The animals and my husband are all sleeping.  There
is absolute peace, and it is fabulous.  I'm reading
Art Before Breakfast by Danny Gregory, and he
talks about noticing everything and enjoying the moment.
It is a super book, and at a time when family
demands make it hard to find time to paint, he has
got me drawing in every spare minute.

The 2012th thing I learned (again and again)

Teaching is a two way street. I teach writing once a week.
And I learned that my students can teach me things, and do
all the time.  For instance did you know that most
tea bags now (the paper part), are made with plastic?
Not great -- but good to know.  I wrote to the company
that made most of the tea bags we use, and they
 they replied that 'yes they do use plastic, but they're
working on it!' I now drink from a brand that does not
use plastic in its bags, and am grateful the student who
pointed this fact out every day.

The 2013th thing I learned (again.)

Love matters, so I want to show the world that
I love the planet, show the people who love me that
I love them back.  Some people may find it corny
or insincere if I tell them I love them.  But
I know that it matters.  People now are saying that they
hated 2018.  I'm a reader, and try to keep up with the
news, and know it has been a very tough year.  But I am
so moved by the kindness people show each other, even in the
hardest situations. And I'm moved by the people in
my life, who care, make me laugh, and will listen
when times are tough. After my mother died I realized
that even though I told her I loved her every time we spoke,
or saw one another, that we can really never tell each
other too often that we love one another.  Love does matter.

Have a loving what you learned in 2018 day.


Evelyn said...

I love your blog posts Barbara - don't comment often, but subscribe and read them all! Love you insights and positive outlook. Thank you and I am wishing you all the Best in the New Year! Evelyn

laura said...

Beaitiful painting, Barbara. It really is like a view from a car window!
Thank you for sharing what you've learned!

Candy said...

Barbara, I love this post. Just reading it, gave me a lift. Thank you. Happy New Year to you, your husband the animals and the rest of your family!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Evelyn,

Thank you so much. I do love when you do comment. It makes me so happy.
Wishing you an amazing 2019. May all that you wish for come true.


Barbara Muir said...

Thank you so much Laura. Yes it is. We drive 1,000 miles every year to get to the Maritimes
and another 1,000 to return. So we see a lot of countryside this way. I love it. I was
challenged by wonderful writer and superb photographer Howard Wolinsky to top
my old "Ten Things I Learned in 2017," and write 2018 things I learned. So I did try.
I definitely learned that many things. Every day there was news that blew me away.
But there were so many other things. I feel like I learn something every time I open
your blog. So thank you. Happy New Year!


Barbara Muir said...

Thank you so much Candy. I really appreciate your kind words. Although we've both
got a bit of a cold, my husband and I are having a very Happy New Year. I wish
you all the best for a phenomenally great 2019.


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