Saturday, January 5, 2019

Brave, determined and ...sick!

Tulips in the students' gorgeous present
Acrylic on bond paper (formerly a palette)
14 x 17 inches
Barbara Muir © 2019
What an amazing New Year's Eve party we had!  So lovely.
Friends bringing every kind of food, lots of wine, champagne,
soft drinks, fizzy water.  Plum pudding with flaming brandy,
singing. So much singing!

These sketches are from photos of an opening in NYC, but they have the right 
mood -- on the left At the party, on the right Toast to the New Year.
Both are black marker on drawing paper.  
7 x 10 inches,
 Barbara Muir © 2019.

I ordered Louise Hay's I can do it calendar before the year
began and it is such a daily inspiration.  Plus I've read two
amazing books by Danny Gregory:  Art Before Breakfast,
and A Kiss Before You Go.  These are books combining drawing
and writing.  Amazing.  I've been a fan of Danny Gregory's
for years, and think of him as one of the most positive
people on the planet.  So I was shocked to read that his first
wife - honoured in A Kiss Before You Go, died in a tragic

The upshot of reading Danny's books is that I've been drawing
a lot.  But I came down with a bad cold two days after New
Year's Eve, and have not been out to get art supplies. So that's
where brave comes in, and determined.  Another great inspiring
artist for me is Harry Stooshinoff  who paints every day.  And his
work is amazingly wondrous -- landscapes brilliantly defined and

Harry uses the paper he mixes his paints on in collages so
that nothing gets wasted.  I'd run out of notebooks without
lines, and decided to draw on a piece of paper I'd mixed
colours on for another painting.  Thinking of Harry, I
thought -- just go ahead. I quite like the resulting sketch
of an amazing bunch of tulips called Tulips in the students'
gorgeous present.  One of my positive psych classes a few
years ago gave me this beautiful glass jug.  I love it.
Chloé with the tulips
black marker on notebook paper
7 x 10 inches
Barbara Muir © 2018
Danny Gregory says to draw everything.  
So with that in mind I attempted a portrait
of my niece, who we lost a year ago
with tulips both hanging over her photo, and
tulip shadows surrounding her. Her photo
stays in my studio.  I miss her and wish
she could be here so I could give her a hug.

Here's to a wonderful year, and the bravery to keep producing if at all 
possible, and the audacity to try new things.  Thank you for your kind
and generous support in 2018.  You are all over the top wonderful!

Have a loving your life day.


laura said...

Sounds like a great party!
I love the tulips! And the drawing of Chloe, which is delightful.
I should do more drawing ...

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Laura. It was so wonderful - a cheery start to the year. I love your work.
Love your paintings.


Judi said...

Great party and great inspiring sketches and painting! Now that you are getting over your cold you are moving on with a great 2019!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Judi,

Thank you so much. This one is hanging in. So I have kept painting, and I do love this
year, but am still not quite in full swing.


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