Wednesday, September 22, 2021

More from the iPad

Portrait of a man
iPad drawing
8 x 10 inches
Barbara Muir © 2021

Say you’re stuck somewhere without a sketchbook, or even a pen, or pencil.
But you have your iPad! I drew this portrait for the most part one rainy afternoon
on my two week vacation. There really is no vacation from art. 

In fact the whole holiday was research for upcoming paintings. The beautiful
landscapes and seascapes I saw along the way will inspire me this fall and winter.

Happy first day of fall. Today we have the same dramatic rain that we had for
a lot of our vacation out to the Maritimes. It’s quite beautiful. The garden is lush
with green and flowers.  And our back porch is covered in sparrows trying to
escape the rain. Inside the kitchen door our cat, Fiona, watches the birds' every

This is a not great likeness of our current Prime Minister -- somewhat prescient in
a way. His face appeared on my stories and I drew it. What I like about
drawing on the iPad is both how advanced, and how primitive it is. I enjoy
drawing with my finger, and the whole image was done that way. It could use
more work, but I can get back into my studio now that the people working downstairs
have left. Back to more significant ventures.

To answer your question – yes I have an iPad pencil, but I much prefer
using my finger.

Have a drawing however you can day. 


Jennifer Rose said...

sometimes i wish i had an ipad, but a sketchbook works for me and is a lot cheaper lol
which i always have on me even if it is a tiny one

Barbara Muir said...

I've been looking at your work today, and loving it so much.
I usually have a sketchbook too -- even a tiny one, but didn't
have one with me when I started this, and I was travelling. I bought
one of course.


Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

I don’t often leave the house without a small sketchbook but I have used my phone to sketch on if the urge overtakes me. Great sketch and I can see the similarities to the PM.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Evelyn,

We found out on a Tuesday that we could get someone to sit our house and animals for 2 weeks, and left on
Friday. We had two days to get ready, and they were work days, so I forgot a few things! Lol. I frequently leave the
house without art supplies, because I’m escaping. Art is work. I love it, but it’s work. But when we could
eat in restaurants, I was that annoying person trying to secretly draw everyone. I was sorry I forgot. We went to an
art store in Ottawa, that didn’t compare with the one I go to in Toronto, and I got pens and a sketchbook. Whew!

Love your work!


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