Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Okay I'll be positive!

Inktober drawing
marker on drawing paper
5.5 x 8 inches
Barbara Muir © 2021

Being positive takes a lot of work.  I'm blessed to know how to get there.  So
I had a couple of questions from very different sources a few days ago.  One
was, "what would I like to do to affect change in the world?"  Without thinking
I answered, "I'd like to try to be kind in all of my actions." So I will work on that.

Then a sweet Jehovah's Witness woman phoned me as I was drinking my first
of three coffees on the weekend.  She wanted to know if I thought the world was
getting worse or better. Her good work for the day was to call random people and
read from, the bible.

I told her that it didn't matter what direction the world was going in, my job was
to do my best to be kind, to make people happy, to think about the environment,
and take whatever actions I could to improve things.  And I told her I don't
believe in God, and am not religious, but I believe in Love.

Then she read a little piece from the bible to me.  I found out that she was living
in a seniors' home, and I think she was lonely, so I'm glad I put aside my
book, and listened for a few minutes. She told me she was originally from 
Jamaica, and had come here in 1972.  She still had a lovely accent, and we
talked about the fact that so many wonderful changes had happened in the
world since 1972.

As for the title.  My artist's, worker, writer spirit is often rebellious and resistant.
That person would rather do anything than work.  So it more or less says to
the part of me that wants to continue -- Make me!  And I reply Okay I will.  This is
all an internal debate.  And the answer is my list, and crossing things off the
list. See it works.  Writing my blog was on the list.  

Wishing you a wonderful day.  


Jennifer Rose said...

I dont try to be good, just try to be me and not hurt anyone else along the way, all a person can do is try to be the best version of themselves but without sacrificing who they are too much. i do draw the line at random calls from random religious people tho, i would have been like, nope sorry and hung up. no problem with religion (well ok i have a problem when you have situations like the residential schools), im just not into hearing anything from a sky fairy.

Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

You fulfilled your be kind mission that day❣️❣️ The woman must have been so happy that you were kind to her.
Beautiful drawing as always. So much to think about. The eternal, internal struggle. I am there right now and cannot get started on anything. I will be kind to myself and let myself get through to the other side without struggling too much I think. �� thank you for your kindness and wisdom. I

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Jennifer,

I get it. If the woman came to the door I would say I wasn’t interested, but she wanted a discussion about
the state of the world, and I had a minute. You made me laugh. Not big on sky fairies either.


Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Evelyn,

You have done so much — so many drawings and paintings. Maybe you just need a break!
I love your work. I hope I did make the lady happy.

I love your work.


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