Saturday, April 1, 2023

And suddenly it's April

Work in progress
Acrylic ink on
watercolour paper
5.5 x 8.5 inches
Barbara Muir © 2023

I asked Steven please not to pull an April Fool's joke
on me and he didn't thank goodness. Instead we went
to the market and saw our favourite farmer, then to
a camera store to get Steven's good camera fixed,
and then to buy shoes.  That's something we wouldn't
have thought of a week ago.

Everywhere we went we met sweet, kind, helpful
people who were cheered up by the brief hours of
warmth we had today.  I love this time of year in the
hopeful times when your coat is too warm, and you
have too many layers.

I came home and worked on this little painting of 

Here's what my mother used to do on April 1.

"When I was a child my mother had one
excellent prank that she pulled on us year

after year. She used to change the time on all
the clocks in the house, and wake us up an hour
early for school, then shout "April Fools!" into
our sleepy faces. Thinking about that now I can't
help laughing, and imagining my mother as a
young woman, with four children to get off to
school, dying for some fun. Most of the time
our lives were fairly serious. The house followed
a set routine, and we all did whatever we were
expected to do. But every now and then there
would be a mood of extra fun and gaiety."

Have a loving your life day

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