Monday, November 20, 2023

A cheery repeat on a rough day in the family

Our Eiffel Tower on the
front lawn. It's actually there
all year round
Let the holidays begin!

It's been a hard couple of weeks.  Family members and friends are
dealing with serious health problems. 

I came across this blog from this day last year, and I love
it.  So I thought I'd use it today.

"My printer asked me why I always get three birthday cards.
I said "the rule of three, I'm an artist."  What does that mean?
It's much too long to go into here, but it basically means uneven
numbers work better in art than even ones. A landscape is either
2/3s sky or 2/3s land.  Rule of three.  A painting of flowers
should have 1, 3, 5, 7 etc. flowers in it.

Now I read the worst thing you can do in writing is use exclamation
marks.  Okay. If you're writing a serious essay fine. But if you're
writing your friend or lover to say, "I love you."  How much better
it looks as "I love you!" The exclamation mark was created for a
reason.  And as an enthusiastically positive person -- I love it!
Yes it can be used very negatively as in -- "You're kidding me right?

Next is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asking on Instagram is it too early to
decorate for the holidays? Is it? My worry would be that your tree would
dry out.  Or you might be tired of those decorations when the holiday

But lights.  We have them on all year -- and they are mainly on our
little Eiffel Tower on the front lawn, which if you know me is
symbolic of our passionate love of Paris!!!! France!!!! (See the
multiples can also be positive.) 

Have a loving your rules day."

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