Saturday, June 15, 2024

An incredible day

A Quebec Village Street
by Clarence Gagnon
Oil on canvas
Collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario
Clarence Gagnon © 1920

Our day started with a visit to the farmer at the Farmer's Market at the Brick Works.
Then -- inspired by the beauty of the day -- we headed to the Art Gallery of Ontario.
And as I said yesterday a must for me is to see the work of The Group of Seven,
and related work.

I fell in love with this painting by Clarence Gagnon.  Reading about him I was
fascinated to discover that he studied in Paris, and lived his life between Paris
and Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec. 

I was sad to research about him and find that he died of pancreatic cancer at
only 60 years old.  What beautiful work he created. 

While in the gallery, I was in the room dedicated to the work of Tom Thompson,
and met a teacher there who actually conducts canoe trips in the area where 
Thompson drowned,  and he told me that the suspicion is that Thompson was
in a fight with a friend over money, and it's suspected that he fell and hit an
iron structure around the fireplace, and died from a head injury. Then the
"friend" wrapped Thomson's legs in fishing wire, connected that to a heavy rock
and put him in the water. He was not found for at least 3 weeks.

I was amazed to have this discussion just one day after posting my drawing of
Thompson, and I shared my drawing with the teacher and his friend, also a teacher.  

After that treat we went for a delightful walk in the Casa Loma neighbourhood.
The neighbourhood is exquisite, and we met a wonderful woman there with
a dog named Louis who is a Coton de Tulear.

Have a loving your life day.

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