Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lovely June

Pansies in the garden
black marker on bond paper with the odd
8 x 10
Barbara Muir © 2009
I hastily drew this drawing while
we had tea on the bench under our
cherry tree. It's in honour of Drawing Day

Saturday is one of my all time favorite days of the week,
how about you? This morning after checking out the
Style section of the Globe (I save the rest for later in the
day), Steven and I headed out to the Brick Works
Farmer's market. My friend, Jan Marriott has an
amazing vintage fabric table there, and if at all possible,
I like to go and check out her wares. Today there
were exceptional quilts in every colour range, lovely
scarves, pieces of vintage fabric in mattress ticking and
gorgeous stripes, chenille bedspreads in every colour.

By the way if you're planning a wedding any time
soon and need a dress, she's the person to contact
for a vintage wedding dress in perfect condition at
a fraction of the price of a new dress. Then
Steven and I went to buy flowers, because he has
to work tomorrow, our usual flower buying day.

I picked up some delicious savoury buns from the bakery
lady and we had lunch on the back porch with the

Lupines from the flower store.
In Nova Scotia we walk across the street
and pick them from a field. But I
have to admit they were reasonable
here -- I bought two massive bunches.

For the rest of the day it's all art all the time.
If I have anything in a finished state I'll post

Have an I-love-the-weekend day


eldon warren said...

Hi Barbara, I have to say your life seems charmed. Toronto must be a wonderful place to live with plenty of heart and a culture you've made a way of life.I'm jealous of course. :)

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

My life is charmed isn't it. Toronto is a wonderful place to live, except in July when it's hot. You have a great cultural life -- you know it.

Take care,


Gwen Bell said...

Lucky! We have to pay a fortune for blooms like this in Dallas. You've chosen the perfect pitcher to show off it's beauty. Thanks for sharing this "pretty as a picture" photo with us!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Getting black fly bites during lupine season, is worth it, just to see these fields of richly colored beauties.
We head for our vacation in Parrsboro, NS at the end of June and will be seeing the lupines and the lilacs blooming as well. I'm wise now, to the evil little biters. Bug spray in freshly washed hair, always, and some spray or cream benadryl.
Nice post.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Gwen,

They were lovely, but very short lived. I'm glad I took the picture. You are sweet. But you get much warmer weather in Dallas than we get here. So it's all a trade off isn't it.

Take care,


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Mary,

Parrsboro. The other secret is bug hats, and spraying the screen doors with bug spray. Plus the coils help. Oh chemical nightmare. But if you pick them at the right time of day there are very few bugs. Lucky, lucky you. I don't know when I'm going. I so miss Nova Scotia.

Take care,


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