Thursday, July 23, 2009

Could my mother be right?

Drawing of a random man
(I did this drawing from a tiny
photograph in a magazine
while I was talking
to my brother in Ottawa
this morning. I was
trying to teach myself to be
more observant. It's got a kind
of caricature quality, but I don't
mind that.)
black marker on bond paper
8 1/2 x 11 inches
Barbara Muir © 2009

Perhaps my mother is right. For some reason my
daily blogging bugs her. In fact it makes her downright
cranky. Blogging and the meaninglessness of the task
has become one of her pet peeves in our almost daily
conversations. Hmmm? Her big concern? Aren't
I wasting time with this daily blogging? And why does
it have to happen every day? I can't explain it to her.
The truth may be that it's an addiction -- an obsessive
compulsive urge to contribute to my own small column on a
constant basis. Adding Facebook and Twitter into the
mix has really upped the ante to an overwhelming point,
and I am not too good at keeping up with those
activities. So if you want to talk to me, this is probably
the best place, or the email address above.

But is she right? Should I stop? I ponder that question
for about a nanosecond (no point "wasting my time"
over it) and decide "NO!" Here's a good reason to continue --
I like blogging every day. I enjoy it! How about that?
Yes -- I am having fun blogging every day, and trying
to do art every day, and seeing what my friends are
producing, and making friends and learning every day.

In the meantime, could someone get my mother a
Mac and help her start a blog? I think she'd really
love the experience. She might be a skeptic like I
was (I wonder where I get that from?), but she'd
probably change her mind like so many Luddites
before her. In any case it would keep her busier
than she already is taking care of an acre of land,
and trying to grow beans and tomatoes despite the
best efforts of marauding deer.

Have a loving-your-mother day.


Liza Hirst said...
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Liza Hirst said...

Well, I see your mother's point - it does consume a lot of time but I don't agree with her that this time is wasted. I love reading your posts but find it difficult sometimes to even just read them on a daily basis! I am always struggling to keep up with reading, looking, commenting - and certainly don't find the time nor energy to write so much myself every day. As I have stated before - I don't know how you do it but love that you do it! And if you enjoy it, that's the main thing!
Oh, another good drawing!

Anonymous said...

hi Barbara, your blog is fun to read...i just discovered it after you left a comment on my blog. thanks for that. i dont often get blog comments from others, so it was nice. i think blogging is a lot like diary writing, only with picture sharing too...and my mother used to always encourage me to write in my diary. yes i think your mother needs her own blog. i also have to say i love your work, it's joyful and uplifting.

Unknown said...

Hey Barbara
My friend Barbara Paterson sent me this saying how she LOVES you. I read a bit and inhaled some of your art and then had a BIG OMG - I know you - I was a partner in the RedEye and had yummie talks everytime you showed up having a show or dropping by.

Love your blog - definitely worth doing everyday- I am on Twitter at sandymcmullen and artistsandy see you in the blogosphere. You ROCK

eldon warren said...

There is no way I could blog every day like you do. I can tell you enjoy doing it and sharing the things in your life with the bunch of us. Too, could it be your mother is already hooked on blogging?

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Liza,

On days like this when I've been busy as a work horse all day, I get her point of view too. Keeping up is sometimes hard, but hearing from you makes me so happy -- all of life is like that isn't it?


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sally,

Your work is breathtaking. I agree with you, I've taught a journal writing course, and it's like a focused journal, with pictures of course. Your work is joyful and uplifting too. Aren't we lucky to feel that way!

Take care,


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sandy,

Right! I remember your beautiful abstract work. I'm not too hot on keeping up with Twitter. Trying to turn out work all the time, but I'm so glad your friend likes the blog, and I hope you're having a super time and selling lots of beautiful paintings!

Take care,


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

I think my Mom would need a computer that would type while she talked. She's had shaky hands all of her life, but she's so strong and brave that her children rarely even remember that that's true. No... she does not have a blog, or a computer.

Take care,


Aliaena said...

Hi Barbara,
I, for one, would be bereft if you stopped writing your blog! Your's and Edward's and Liza's are my daily stop and even though I don't get the chance to comment all that often - I am checking in regularly and so enjoy your beautiful artwork and wonderful writing. You are kind of my blogging heroine :) but it's not because of the volume of what you do, it is more because you are sharing your heart with us. REALLY sharing your heart I mean, and that is such a huge gift to others! With all best thoughts to your mom as well, I think if it brings you JOY then why not? We're in a whole brave new world now, the internet has changed all our lives, searching for balance in this new reality is part of the adventure. With much love and appreciation from me to you, two people who probably never would have had the opportunity to be in touch with each other were it not for blogs, Aliaena

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Aliaena,

That is exactly how I feel! Last summer when I broke my ankle and had trouble getting up and down the stairs in my tiny little semi-detached house, meeting people in the blog world saved my spirit. The friendships that have grown since then with people all over the world are beyond inspirational. It is a new world, and this part of it has been magical for me.

Thanks for your kind words, I'm glad you understand what I'm trying to do.

Take care,


Melinda said...

Oh, dear, mother's can be so wrong...oops, I am one. Well, that just explains why we have to do what is right for us and let them natter on about things they haven't tried.

I'm very glad you are blogging and completely agree that this art community makes all the difference.

Excellent drawing, too!

Mitzi Easley said...

Oh Barbara... I'm new to the blogosphere and new to your work and would be terribly disappointed if, just as I've finally gotten here, you heeded your mom's advise and cut back. It looks like - to this newbie - you inspire and are inspired and are making the most of an opportunity to make meaningful connections. I think that's what we're looking for in this life. You are to be congratulated!

Laurel Daniel said...

I have that conversation with myself every day it seems! And yet, and yet... like you said, it's slightly addicting! And without it, we would never have met. That is reason enough! :)


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