Friday, July 24, 2009

Shake it up baby -- twist and shout!

Baby Sam
8 1/2 x 11 inches
black marker on bond paper
Barbara Muir © 2009

Lately in my portrait commission business there
has been a run on babies. It makes me think of a
song I overheard as a child. (That's right watch out
little children have ...ears.) "Today's the day we give
babies away for half a pound of tea, so if you
know any ladies who want any babies, just send
them on to me!" Where would I have heard that?
But it does make me laugh. Well no wonder
babies are popular subject material, they are
so incredibly beautiful. The challenge, as I've
said before, but I hope not so often that your
nodding into your tea now, is giving the baby
oomph, a feeling of personality, and staying in
step with your artist self.

As a bold colour, strong image artist, I worry
about overpowering the baby with intensity that
doesn't work with that baby softness.
Tonight I worked on a little portrait of one
of my own sons when he was a baby, just to
limber up for the next baby portrait.

Have a loving-the-big-and-little-babies-in-your-life day.


Liza Hirst said...

Sweet! He's really there, looking at us!

Aliaena said...

This is a wonderful, touching portrait of this little guy. That incredible scrumptious feeling that little kids evoke in us is right there. Wonderful work.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Liza,

Thanks so much. Of course he was much cuter than this, and was sucking in his lower lip, which was too hard to draw accurately.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Aliaena,

I must say I love babies, and all ages of people. We are so lucky right now to be surrounded by neighbours with small children. They are so adorable, funny, spirited and quickly will turn into school aged children, teenagers and then adults like us. All of it is great!

Take care,


Melinda said...

Adorable! I think you're gonna be just fine with the next commission. What a 'precious-es'.

Love that song, too.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

Is that an English song? -- it sounds like it -- like "my old man's a dustman, he wears a dustman's cap, he wears cor-blimey trousers and what do you think of that?" My mother has a song for every occasion, I'm afraid I'm getting to be the same way. Not a bad thing.


Melinda said...

Hi Barbara,
No, it's not an English song. It's a reference to Lord of the Rings. You know, that Golam, when he talks to Frodo, says, "My precious-es...." a lot. For fun, I call my boy "precious-es" and sometimes (from Where the Wild Things Are), I'll say, "I'll eat you up I love you so!"

When I see bite-able babies...well, they look yummy. ;)

Oooh. You ARE triggering some of my old English mum's ditties and sayings. Do you know the one about "I knew a man who always wore a saucepan on 'is head.."??

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