Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family feast

The pond behind the Brickworks Market yesterday

Tonight we had our Thanksgiving dinner with our family --
Christopher and Megan, and Sam and his girlfriend, Nata.
On the menu? Turkey with stuffing, roast potatoes with
rosemary, cranberry jelly, gravy, broccoli, green salad
and Steven's homemade pumpkin pie. To drink? White
wine, champagne and coffee with the pie.

Fantastic. Then we watched a wonderful documentary
on crows, and I understood more about why I love those
birds. They are as intelligent as apes apparently, and
that doesn't surprise me. But what the fact that they
can even use tools they make themselves is astounding.

All in all it was a perfect day and a perfect evening. I
didn't do a painting, because my studio is our former
dining room, and tonight the room reverted. So instead
I'm showing you a photo of the pond behind the Brickworks
Farmers' market yesterday. It's a little bit of nature in the
middle of a bustling city. The weather has become very cold

I talked to a friend in Arizona today and it's 80 degrees
Fahrenheit there, and 39 degrees here, that's 4 Celsius,
and that's cold. Zero Celsius is freezing.

That my friends is cold. Time to sit around the dining
room table sharing warm food, and funny stories. Hurray
for Canadian Thanksgiving. It's over now in our family,
and tomorrow we'll all try to catch up on our work. The
studio will take off its fancy dress, and get back to work.
So will I. But first to sleep in -- No eight o'clock
class tomorrow -- ahh, what luxury.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day tomorrow.


eldon warren said...

Tradition is a large part of what makes a family. And now you're looking forward to Thanksgiving next year. I know you had a wonderful day. Aint it great?

Liza Hirst said...

How beautiful! One can hardly imagine that that is in a city.
Happy for you that you had such a nice evening together, Barbara. Hubert saw a documentary about crows, too, the other day (perhaps the same) and told me about how incredibly intelligent they are - totally amazing!

Melinda said...

I'm so glad you had a warm dinner on a cold day with hearty family and friends!

It's funny, I had just come home from the market with a turkey, potatoes and organic carrots. Of course I made the dinner right away and we quietly shared, in thought, your Thanksgiving dinner.

It was good! But, we didn't have any pumpkin pie--just the fresh pumpkins. I'll have to work on that.

It was great talking to you as always.

Be well. Be joyful.

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