Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy, Happy Canada Day

Our school house in Nova Scotia

My Canada is about my childhood memories
of going to a cottage every summer -- swimming
and canoeing in a fairly clean lake. It's about
growing up free to be able to say almost anything
that comes into my head. And about not being
afraid to walk on the streets, even at night most
of the time, because Canadians don't have the
right to bear arms, so the chances of someone
having a gun are slim.

My Canada is about wilderness in close proximity
to cities filled with culture art, music and diversity.
My Canada includes everyone who lives here, and
recognizes that diverse cultures teach us so much
in terms of different styles of thinking, eating,
and celebrating. We are growing up as a country
because the rest of the world is coming to join
the party. This is a good thing.

Today my Canada is about my yard, my cherry tree,
the fact that I can go and sit under the tree and
listen to my neighbours discussing the ins and outs
of how to make their Canada Day barbecue picnic
with lovely music on low. It is the birds chattering
in the trees annoyed that I'm picking the cherries
they do dearly love. It's CBC on the radio playing
distinctly Canadian songs and stories, and the
cherry crisp baking in the oven for the dinner I'll
have with friends on the back porch tonight before
dashing across town to watch the firecrackers on a
beach with people who will all clap and cheer
after the last firecracker is finished.

My Canada is the long, beautiful drive through
Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova
Scotia - four provinces to get to our schoolhouse.
My Canada is flying across the Rockies and landing
in Vancouver where I can see ocean and mountains
and hug the friend of my young life. I love this
country coast to coast. Call it corny. I love
travelling, I love other countries, but this is my
home. Now stand up and sing the newer version
of Oh Canada and the French version, and then
have a glass of champagne like we did at supper
and toast one of the great countries of the world,
then put the patriotism, or matriarchism to bed for
another year.

Have a loving your own country day.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

What a lovely tribute to your home, Barbara. Cheers and happy Canada Day to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,

As always your words are beautiful and especially for this tribute.

Thank you for letting me share Canada Day with you.


Linda Popple said...

Love your post. Nice to tribute to your wonderful home!

Have a wonderful day!!


Hip Hip Hooray for Canada! I love your country Barbara-you are so lucky to live there.

eldon said...

Happy Canada Day Barbara. Have an extra portion of the cherry desert for me please.

laura said...

Happy Canada Day.
Peter's mother was from Montreal and when his brother dances with her at his wedding a few years back, they played "Oh Canada." I stood and cried along with all our Canadian cousins!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Barbara for making me stop and think about why i love Canada so much too. hugs

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