Friday, August 20, 2010

Gardens, dogs and a sweet girl

Popsicles and polka dots
Black marker on bond paper
4 x 5 inches
Barbara Muir © 2010

When I tell my friend that watching Morning
Glories makes me understand that plants
certainly do think, she laughs, but she knows
what I mean. She has wild Morning Glories in
her garden and she wants them gone.
I love Morning Glories more than I can say.
That pure blue is a colour worth getting
out of bed for. But because I have shared
fences on three sides of my yard, I have to be
extra vigilant. These flowers want to go where
they want to go -- along the ground, around my
neighbour's Daisies, up and over the garage to
the back fence neighbour's trees.

Morning glories in my garden

I'm working on a few paintings that I can't show you
yet. So tonight I thought -- I know I'll just do a
quick sketch of my dog Zoey. Nope she had a mind
of her own. Every time I'd get a nice sketch going she'd
roll over and completely change directions on her
dog bed. What could I do?

I looked at my pile of half starts and pulled out
some old photos. So tonight's drawing is of my friend's
little girl eating a Popsicle. That little girl is all grown up
now, and has a voice like an angel. As a little girl she
was brilliant, funny and kind to my sons and we
had many a summer picnic together. I haven't seen her
in a couple of years, but the last time I saw her she
was an lovely and talented young woman.

Have a drawing-what-will-be-drawn day.


cohen labelle said...

What have you done?!
This beautiful drawing of a sweet little girl pulls at my heart strings for it bears an uncanny resemblance to a little girl I have known all my life and hers and who l love more than air, earth, fire and water - and of whom I am, of course the proudest mother beyond all rational measure!!!!!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Marcia,

I always liked the photo I drew this from. Jenny and Christopher are amping it up on some playground equipment. You deserve to be one of the proudest mothers beyond all rational measure. But I must admit that you are not alone in that particular camp.

Glad you like the drawing. I hoped you would.



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