Thursday, March 8, 2012

Too nice to dream of summer

 The red cottage
iPad drawing
(based on a photo by Richard Semik)
Barbara Muir © 2012
On International Women's Day today, I painted
all day, then went to an art store, and then to a party
for women in my neighbourhood.  We talked about
men and women, and worked really hard at being
sensitive and kind about gender differences. I love
that great group of women, and thoroughly enjoyed
the discussions.

You've probably heard that Canadians are nice.
Some of us really are.  We bump into each other's
carts in the supermarket, and it takes five minutes
to move on, because we're so busy saying, "I'm
sorry." "No, no, no, it was me, I'm sorry."
So global warming is a talking point challenge
for us.  In Toronto not having a cold winter really
is a boon.  Who wants to wake up in the morning, and shovel
first a path to the car, and then clean the car off, then
shovel the car out, or ask neighbours, or perfect
strangers to push you out of a snow bank like I
had to last winter?  No one.  But we are nice.  And
some of us even read, so we know about the idea
of global warming and see it happening -- evidence
all around us.

Being able to go out in shorts on March 7 -- albeit
in what was really jeans and sweater weather is
so wonderful.  But we can't help knowing that this isn't
right.  We stand on our back porches saying sorry
to the squirrels.  We put our parkas on anyway.
And tonight we were rewarded with cold temperatures
again that make us long for the place I've drawn on
my iPad.  A balmy tropical paradise.

Have a being-nice-to-Canadians day.
(Especially Canadians living in cold, wintry conditions.)


Kim Rempel said...

Yes, it's crazy! This morning snow was gently falling, Sunday it's supposed to be 15! I like how you celebrated Int. Women's Day. It would have been a fun discussion ; ) It was my daughter's birthday. A great day for her to be born : ) I really like this Ipad art. Enjoy your day Barbara!


no question-Canadians are some of the most gracious, funny and interesting people I've ever met. The fact that we didn't jump on the oil pipeline might have been an indication that we are becoming more environmentally conscious here in the US or it might be politics but we could learn a lot from Canada. Especially the way you take care of your awesome parks!

Barbara Muir said...

Hey Kim,

Wow great day for your daughter, and with a mother like you she'll be talented, smart and funny. All great qualities. Oh and kind, super important. Glad you like the hits from the iPad, I am painting, but can't reveal right now.

XO Barbara

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Chris,

Well the whole pipeline episode (actually there are two of them) is one heck of a worry and an embarrassment to many of us. In fact the current government's environmental attitude flies in the face of our usual caution and concern for our future, and that of the planet. Maybe people aren't raising a fuss about it because they're just too nice. Or maybe they don't want to be called any of the host of horrible epithets being currently hurled at worried citizens.

XO Barbara

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