Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On Vacation – Flew the coop

 Steven in Hudson Quebec
Molleskine paper and black marker
6 x 9 inches
Barbara Muir © 2012
We are on vacation in one of the most magical
places on the planet. It wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea,
but for us the combination of sun, sea, blue sky and white
clapboard houses against rolling fields, wide vistas, or dense spruce
 and pine forest – it ‘s ideal – idyllic.

Leftovers Hudson Quebec
Moleskine paper and black marker
9 x 6 inches
Barbara Muir © 2012
We’ve been at our schoolhouse near Pugwash, Nova Scotia
 since last Friday night, and already it feels like forever,
and like the blink of an eye.  That’s how the place tricks you. 
It’s slow and easy, the people so friendly , the days so long. 
And before you know it poof it’s over, and it’s back to the
 busyness and constant thrum of the city.
The Gulf Shore Beach today
I have learned some things since I arrived. Inspired
 by the lessons Melinda Easparza posted during her visit
to the Grand Canyon, here they are:

1.     Enjoy each day.
2.     Half a blueberry muffin from Grumpy’s bakery in
Oxford, N.S. (only the home of Canada’s blueberries, only
The most delicious muffins on the planet, will not make you fat.
3.     Long walks on the beach at any time on a good day are
       the answer to the major questions of life – why? And how?
4.     Long walks on the beach after sunset on a rainy day
are to be avoided – mosquitoes.
5.     Even a less than stellar book is great on vacation.
6.     I am addicted to the internet and talking to you, and I
have maybe half an hour of internet time per day – not
enough to keep up with all that you are doing. So I have to
back off. Forgive me for not responding, there is barely time
to post and read my email.
7.     I have two apple trees on my little acre of land.  They are crabapple
trees, and may make me want to paint.  But I am working on a
commission that’s almost done, so given our demanding schedule –
eating, walking on the beach, sleeping, eating, walking one the beach,
there may not be much time for other forms of painting.
8.     I love it here.  On a sunny day, (most days are sunny) I wonder
why I don’t live here full time.  All need falls away – stores seem
odd.  Breathing, and looking at the stars, and picking wild
raspberries, and buying raspberries from the woman up
the road who has a little garden fill my brain.  On a rainy
day I know I’d be lonely here – even with all of our lovely
friends.  On a rainy day I’m a city girl. Well we do have an
outhouse and it is scary crossing the lawn to the trees in
a thunder storm.
9.     Light is different from place to place, and here it is captivating.
10. I do miss you.  Have a lovely time.

Have a having a lovely time day.



Melinda said...

Yay! Yay! Yay!

I love this post, your work, the video and your fabulous list!

A mini-vacation shared with you. Thank you for sharing this. Anytime you want to share more, I'm here in a New York minute!


Unknown said...

loved seeing your beach Barbara, and lovely post, makes me feel like i'm there with you. enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Marilyn Flanegan said...

Your wonderful post reminded me of my favorite book, Gift from the Sea written by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Her wisdom - as relevant today as in 1955.
Enjoy your escape, Barbara.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Melinda,

Thanks so much. I'll try to post more videos when I get a chance.

I loved yours.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sally,
Thanks so much. I would love to see you here. Come on out. We are enjoying ourselves, and I realize how much I needed the break.

XO Barbara

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Marilyn,

Thanks so much. I should look for this book at the local library, but we haven't even been this year. In the car we listen to books on CD and they consume us -- we live in the book as we zip by wonderful landscapes that you would love to paint.

XO Barbara

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