Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blue Moon and thank you

Blue Moon over the city
iPad drawing
8 x 10 inches
Barbara Muir © 2012

Thank you everyone for your kind support.  It
means a lot to me.  I realize how blessed I am
to have you as friends.  And it's working.  I'm
getting better.

Last night there was a  blue moon.  Steven and I
drove to a high spot on top of our local grocery
store's garage and stared at it.  He said that a blue
moon refers to the second full moon in one month --
a rare event.  The blue moon was actually a
gorgeous colour of yellow, that I cannot replicate

I get tired very easily still, but feel some energy
returning and drew this little iPad drawing to celebrate,
with the sound of Steven singing Blue Moon as he baked
pies downstairs in the kitchen, filling the air.

I hope you have a lovely long weekend.

Enjoy -- the brilliant blue moon.


Nicki said...

A blue moon- so special- I love the name and that it isn't because it is blue!

I'm so happy to hear that you are beginning to feel better. That has been a long road for you. Continue to take care and get rest.

XO Nicki

Melinda said...

I love your iPad drawing. It is really sweet. It was a beautiful moon, indeed, and I smile thinking of your drive to see it. Way cool.

I'm glad you're feeling better and hope that each day is filled with more strength.

Go easy on yourself!

Warm hugs from here.

Jill and Haida said...

Hi Barbara:

I hope you are resting well and healing for the upcoming start of the school year.


Sheila Vaughan said...

Great one Barbara. I can smell the night air.

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