Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Three rules

 Three rules!
Watercolour and marker
on Arches watercolour paper
6 x 10
Barbara Muir © 2012
The rule of three is a good one.  Uneven numbers
look better in art.  That's a rule.  Other than that
throw out the rule books that tie us all to some
strange world, where a set of limits dictate what
we can do.  It's been a long day teaching today,
and I am tired.  Driving this morning in a Monet
morning I listened to Paul Simon's "I know what I know."
 I played it again and again.  The message.  I know
what I know, and you know what you know.
 Painting feels good.  So do it.  That's what you know. 

The peaches destined to be models are shutting
down and breeding fruit flies. So I put three
on the table and gave it a whirl.  Three fat, delicious
looking peaches.  Their posing days over, they go
straight into the compost bin. But not before I thank
them for being an inspiration.  Maybe I'm getting
a bit nuts.  The other night I saved an ant from
drowning in the vase with the flowers I brought in
 from the garden. My newest glasses let me see the
antennae on slugs.  I haven't been able to kill one
since I noticed this.  I put them in the garden waste
bin, and figure if they make it out, more power to
them.  Face it Jane Goodall, you're getting to me.

Have a seeing-the-wonder-in-nature day.

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