Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The wrap up -- it's cold outside, and warm in the blog world

 Parrots with the cookbooks
Acrylic on birch panel
5 x 7 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014
Thanks to everyone who posted a comment on Alyson
Stanfield's Art Biz blog on my piece 11 Ways To Work
Through Your Grief And Return To The Studio.
I found the whole experience affirming.  I'm grateful to
everyone who wrote to me both on the blog, and off,
in personal emails and Facebook messages and Tweets.
 What generous souls you are!

It has been quite a year, but although sad in ways
I no longer need to go into, moving beyond compare
in the ways my friends, colleagues, complete strangers
and my family of course have extended thoughts of
kindness and affection to me.

Thank you.  If you haven't read the piece on the Art Biz
Blog you still can, and you can still comment too.
This experience was a delight to me.  It is a frightfully
cold day -- colder than (you fill in the blanks).  But it
was also one of those perfect looking winter days, clear
blue skies, white sparkling snow. And inside I have been
warmed beyond measure by your support.

The painting today is of parrot tulips (my favorite) putting
on a show in front of the cookbooks.  Flowers seem
to gravitate to the counter where we store our random
cookbooks. Not shown in the painting is a couple of
bottles of wine off to the left.  The whole scenario
speaks of festivity and the promise of a very happy

Have an enjoying-the-bounty-around-you day.


belindadelpesco.com said...

Dear you, I just put a bouquet of red tulips in my kitchen, so I'm smiling that we've had recent matching spring blooms in our homes. Lovely painting, and lovely you. xoxoxo B.

Barbara Muir said...

Dear Belinda. Thank you so much. Hey eh? Tulips from Ontario to Califoria. Your work is lovely, and you are adorable.


I love your posts too. Inspiring.

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