Friday, January 31, 2014

31 paintings! Yes I did it!!!

 This calls for ice cream
Acrylic on birch panel
5 x 7 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014
My goal for this month was to work on a
new painting every day, and I have.  Some
still require attention, but some just flew into
creation.  It has been a great month, and now
I am changing my approach.  I hope to work on
a new painting every other day, and in between
to show you the slow and steady progress on
larger, work.

I hope you'll stay with me on the ride through
this year.  February is one of my favorite
months because smack dab in the middle of
it is Valentine's Day, one of my all time favorite
occasions for celebration.

Thank you January for helping me kick start the
year in high gear, and now I can step back a bit,
and use all that I've learned.

The painting today is of my son Sam. I can see
there are things I'd change, but he is a willing
model when he's around.  And the spoon is
for his ice cream -- a family favorite.

Happy weekend, Happy Super Bowl.


laura said...

Handsome boy!
Your plan for February sounds like a good one.
And congrats on 31 paintings!

sarah makes pictures said...

Congratulations on achieving your goal! I've enjoyed seeing your paintings posted here. Thanks for sharing them.

Nicki said...

What a great challenge! I am sure it provided you with many opportunities to learn and grow, as any challenge like that will. And now I want ice cream!

Hugs to you... can hardly wait to see what unfolds for you this year.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laura,

He is a handsome guy -- not quite the same as my painting, but it was a mood I wanted. Thank you. We'll see if I can slow down. I'm addicted to painting every day now.

XOXOXO Barbara

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much. I'm delighted that you enjoy my work.

Take care,


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nicki,

Well look at you! It was not an official challenge, I just decided to do it. Once at it, the movement took over, and wood was such a pleasure to paint on. Sold four and a big one in a month. That is already a good year!

I love the new space, and hope that really soon we can show together. 7 paintings in 7 days -- huge paintings. You floor me!!!!


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