Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dreaming of painting

 I dream of you
Work in progress
Acrylic on birch panel
6 x 8 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014
(Quite a bit left to do, but it will
have to wait) 
I woke up this morning after my first decent
sleep in two days, and saw this image in my
mind.  A friend called and I talked to her
in a woozy state, slugging back coffee, and
holding onto the thought.  I do love this image.
it is a combo of flowers from the market and
my own garden.

Pretty funny, because we finally took the tree
down today (yes the Christmas tree!!!), and
put it in the garden for the birds.  Steven poured
a whole bag of birdseed over it and tomorrow it
will tantalize our new dog, because it will fill with
little birds thrilled that we've pulled this crazy
stunt once again this year.  It is still green, and the
needles are still soft.  By the end of March it will
turn brown, then we chop it up and it goes into
garden waste.

Already the big tissue paper peony wreath is
up on the kitchen door.  Moving on people!

Have a welcoming-this-new-month day.


cohen labelle said...

All I can say is what a beautiful image to have in your mind upon waking and what a gift to be able to transport it to canvas!


laura said...

I took down my tree yesterday! I'm glad you did something useful with yours; too many people here just put them out in the trash!
I love the deep, dark pinks and greens.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Marcia,

Thank you. It's on wood, and it was so much fun. I'm not done yet, but I'll show you when I am. You are sweet.



Barbara Muir said...

Hi Laura,

Well the only bad part about the tree is that my crazy dog jumped eight feet in the air to catch a squirrel escaping to the Apple tree, but let it go. So now we have to make sure the squirrels are gone before we let her out. I'm so glad you like it.

XOXOXO Barbara

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