Monday, March 31, 2014

Fast Answers versus slow reflection

 Untitled (Probably going to be Water Image #4
Work in Progress
Acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014
Sometimes a painting requires a kind of back
and forth, working, escaping, looking, thinking,
sleeping on it -- process that a high demand instant
 production schedule won't permit.  'Stand back!'
they say in art class.  And they are right.

So with this painting -- part of my water series --
Water Image #4 (the name may change -- I need time.
 I'm standing back-- trying to get the answers.

On the surface you could say -- what's the deal?  It's
a face.  But to a portrait painter -- that is the deal.  There
on the canvas for all to see, is the face of someone who
has caught the painter's attention.  For me that translates
into a desire to really convey who I am painting -- to
get it right.  It isn't about perfection in look so much,
as capturing the feeling.  Faces are what we love, and
loving them well in paint is the job.

The answers don't come together like a daily horoscope
-- "Oh that's the kind of day it's going to be."  But
forgive us for looking for signs.

Here's where I am with this one.  I am enjoying the process.
I admire this wonderful woman -- a novelist -- very
much indeed. And I will be content when she is
100% there for me on the canvas.  She is coming
along.  Almost there.

Have an honouring-your-subjects day.


Bigwom said...

Aw...Love to you Barbara.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Auralee,

And to you. Thanks for this. For all of this. Great year in art with you.


Liza Hirst said...

Barbara, this is fantastic! I love how you've captured the light, her expression, the whole feeling of being happy by the sea...
A wonderful painting!
Lots of love,

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Liza,

Thank you so much. I'm delighted that you like it. I still have to add in the sandbar that connects the Ocean (Water) series together. It is almost finished. I hope all is well with you. Miss you and your paintings.

Love to you,


Unknown said...

Once again you knock my socks are SO good at portraits! Love the light in this one. Big ones ALWAYS take me way longer to figure out too...but this looks good to me. Great work!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sally,

Thanks so much. It's true that the bigger ones take longer to figure out. But it's worth it when everything comes together. Love what you've been doing.


Kim Rempel said...

She looks done! Again, what sparkle. These portraits looks so fresh and dynamic. I really like how you changed the sky from your earlier post - everything about this is working. So good!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Kim,

Thank you. The subject decided to move locations in the painting, and that changed the sky. I thought about you today. I was walking in King City looking at the sky, and the clouds close to the horizon were smaller! There I was outside walking talking to you, and no one but you would get what I was talking about. You rock!

XOXOXO Barbara

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