Wednesday, May 7, 2014


 Sketch -- coffee on Avenue of the Americas
Black marker on Moleskine paper
4 x 6 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014
Tomorrow is the opening of the group show I'm
taking part in at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in
New York City.  I am so impressed with artists who
easily travel and set up shows everywhere.  Just
getting out of my house felt like a huge deal.
Even though I'm frightened of flying -- lift off felt
like exactly that.  All of a sudden the worries of the
past few weeks and the long, hard winter fell away.

WestJet is an awesome airline, and the staff were
so cordial and funny.  The best experience I've had
flying in a long time.
 Water Lilies by Claude Monet
at the MoMA 

We have already visited the MoMA today -- very briefly.
The fellow on the admission desk was unimpressed that
we arrived a half hour before closing -- but hey,
we got to our hotel, a good 25 minute walk away
at 4:30, so I was impressed that we strode our
exhausted selves over there.  I said "I'm pretty
sure I could see the Monet in half an hour,"
and we ran up the escalators to the fifth floor and
saw the Monet Water Lilies paintings, which never cease to
amaze and dazzle me.  Plus I see something new
every time.  I also saw the room of Matisses, which
fills me with joy, and a Derain I have never seen,
which was huge and magnificent.
 Sketch #2 -- coffee on Avenue of the Americas
Black marker on Moleskine paper
4 x 6 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014
Then we walked more miles, and I sketched
very quick sketches wherever we went -- (as
in 30 seconds maybe).  I'll show you some tonight.
Had a great conversation with a fellow in the bookstore
at the MoMA, who is also a portrait artist.  I do
love this town more than I can ever say.
 Sketch #3 -- coffee on Avenue of the Americas
Black marker on Moleskine paper
4 x 6 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014

The Bathers by André Derain at the MoMA
I saw the man from the front desk when I was leaving
the MoMA and thanked him, and said the Monet room
was so great. He smiled and that was that.

Have a loving-where-you-are day.


Catherine Jeffrey said...

I am so jealous!!! Good luck with the show and enjoy the Big Apple. Your previous posted painting is filled with such happiness and joy and of course, beautifully painted.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Catherine,

I can't think of anyone who would be better at painting New York. The view from our window is a Catherine Jeffrey special. And it's going to rain today, so -- Times Square, plus rain!

Thank you so much. I'm delighted that you like my painting.

XOXOXO Barbara

Kim Rempel said...

Hi Barbara! Wow, that Monet painting is SOMETHING!! I really like your quick sketches and am so excited for you. I have yet to get to the MoMA. Soak it up! ; )

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Kim,

Thank you. You would love the MoMA. We've been there so often it feels like home, but I don't know what's happened to Rodin's sculpture of Balzac, which I love.

Visited the Guggenheim today.

Love your work!!!!


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