Monday, June 23, 2014

The missing T and anniversary

Happy Anniversary Tea 
watercolour and marker on
watercolour paper
 6 x 10 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014
Tonight, June 24th, I'll be out celebrating
my wedding anniversary. I'm married to a
truly wonderful man, Steven, who has loved
me and known I love him for a long time.
We have grown up together.
And yet we still laugh like children, enjoy
really silly jokes, and dancing in the kitchen.
We are in love. I'm a lucky woman.

Tomorrow is also the day when the women
in my neighbourhood who are free in the
morning meet for tea and coffee.
When I am not on deadline, or working
away from home, I like to be there. But I'll miss it
tomorrow. That's the missing T. - T for Tea, and for
timing, and treats.

 A couple of weeks ago Steven and I had tea at the
 kitchen table using the antique tea cups we rarely
 touch. First we are coffee drinkers, plus we use mugs.
 It felt like an occasion. I also thought that if my new dog
ever calms down enough to be presentable, and
I am not preoccupied with work and family concerns,
I'd like to host a Tuesday (T for Tuesday) coffee and then I'd
 have to know how to make tea in a pot.

Have an enjoying-a-delicious-cup-of-tea day.


Marilyn Flanegan said...

June 24th is packed with awesomeness! Happy Anniversary Barbara!
Today is my birthday so I'm doing some of my favorite things, like checking in with wonderful you! I've been working on other projects and haven't blogged since February - I've missed your happy and comforting spirit.
Wishing you and Steven a generously delightful day!

cohen labelle said...

Happy anniversary you two love birds. Marriage, not the easiest of gigs, finds you both still madly in love and celebrating in June, my favourite time of year.
Your tea service is simply gorgeous.

love, Marcia

Barbara Muir said...

Happy Birthday Marilyn,

What a lovely time of year to be born. Wishing you a super day and glorious year.


Barbara Muir said...

Thank you Marcia,

I really appreciate your sweet comment. It's true marriage is not an easy gig, but a worthwhile one,
especially when you learn how to love. Hope to have tea or coffee with you soon!



Unknown said...

awww, have a happy anniversary, I know you will, because you always celebrate everything with everything you've's to the missing T and your special marriage...and to that wonderful little painting!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sally,

Thank you. It was a very happy day -- raining, but we dragged ourselves through furniture stores until we were exhausted, then went for tea and supper. It was lovely.

I'm glad you like the painting. You
are the best at celebrating I think.


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