Sunday, November 23, 2014

Never nothing going on

Reading the dessert menu
waercolour, and black marker on 
watercolour paper
9 x 12 1/8 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014
Yes.  It's a double negative.  A complete no no!
(Another double negative.)  But it's true, in an
artist's life, there is never 'nothing going on.'
We might fake that -- pretend boredom, answer
the question, "what's up?" with "nothing much."
But trust me, we're not telling the truth when we
say that.  We're attempting normalcy, we're trying
to blend in.

The truth is that our eyes and brains, and at best our
hands are at work full time.  As long as we're awake,
and even when we're sound asleep we are like full
time movie cameras recording measuring, trying to
hold onto and remember all that we see.  For the
most part we don't need to drink, or do any mind
altering drugs, because our minds are always on
high.  That's why we get so tired, and have to lie
down -- and then there are dreams!

I say we're lucky.  But if you ask an artist what's
happening, and hear a pat answer meant to
escape the spotlight, just say "oh" and move on,
maybe it's best if we all pretend artists aren't
different.  But here's another thing -- every single
one of us is an artist in one way or another.  Like
the guard at the art gallery yesterday who told me
she wasn't an artist.  When I asked her what kind
of artistic thing she did, she said embroidery, and
then, she started talking tools, the kind of cloth,
the kind of embroidery thread she uses.  Definitely
an artist.

Have a nothing-going-on day.


cohen labelle said...

This is truly lovely and an inspiring post to go along with it, but let's cut to the chase, Barbara - what did you wind up ordering for dessert?
xoxo, Marcia

Barbara Muir said...

Well Marcia that is actually a friend of mine and we ended up having just coffee! Now on Saturday I had a full tea at the AGO and that's something to write home about.


Unknown said...

I love your paintings celebrating the everyday, like this one. not surprising though knowing how you are a person that makes a point of celebrating every day. you are an inspiration.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sally,

A teaching colleague of mine and I just admitted that we are almost always having fun. His advice? Keep it to yourself. I guess I'm not very good at that, and you're onto me. And you are an inspiration to me -- a wonderful laugh, a happy smile, and all of that gorgeous work.


Linda said...

I really love this. Warm greetings from Montreal! :)

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