Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Florence Biennale

 Me in front of my Wonder Water series
 with artist Gengliang Xu

Saturday was the opening of the Florence Biennale here in Italy.
 The opening ceremonies, dignitaries, flags, 
a procession through the exhibition
of people dressed in Renaissance costumes, 
playing drums. Lots of excitement!

The Biennale opens with wonderful fanfare. A procession of people in 14th century
Dress with flags and drummers marches through the exhibition. There are speeches
And so much excitement. Then the artists go and stay by their work, or circulate looking
at the vast show of 400 artists.

I met one of the actors in the procession, Cosimo who couldn't be more than 5 and
couldn't wait to get back to playing with his parents' tablet.
Cosimo -- a young actor in the procession

The wonderful thing about showing in international shows is meeting
artists from all over the world and enjoying great conversations. I will show
you more work another time.
Wonder water series © Barbara Muir 2015
And then there is Florence which is endlessly fascinating and beautiful.
I am exhibiting this work and my friend Patrick Luciani translated
the description for my show book.  Thank you to Patrick, to Heather Speers,
to Raylea Lambert, and everyone else who helped me and advised me.
It is a big deal to get ready for and participate in an international show.
I couldn't have figured it all out alone.

Have a going-to-an-art-show day.


Verna Vogel said...

"... meeting artists from all over the world and enjoying great conversations" - yes indeed. You look so happy!

I like the title of your work: Wonder Water. It's true, water is pretty wonderful. And beautiful. Your paintings convey that very well.

Enjoy the rest of your travels!


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Verna,

For me the ocean is the closest I can imagine to
paradise, although I'd have to say the Arno in
Florence might satisfy my need for water if I had
to live somewhere! I love the ocean in Nova Scotia
where I go every year, and would love to help people
realize how much they love the ocean, so we can take
care of it. Florence is amazing, and the artists are


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