Monday, October 26, 2015

What a joyous experience! The Florence Biennale

 Steffie Wallace does beautiful, moody seascapes.
She put her hands in the air for her photo, and
picked up a prize in painting!  Yay Steffie.
here husband Neil is also a sweetie, and they hail
from Australia - a long, long way to travel.

When it comes to luck I really think I'm blessed.
I've just spent 10 days in one of the most beautiful
cities in the world, with a group of artists, who
were not only massively creative, but who formed
lovely connections, were filled with advice,
information, connections, support, and most of
all humour and joie de vie.
The painter Chu before the 
Happy People idea
Chu's wonderful paintings
(the two circular textured works 
And Chu getting happy (oh and
he won a prize in painting!)

On the second to last day Miranda Brouwers and I
began encouraging people to envision a world where
all of their work sold, they got super commissions,
-- they had no problems creating, and we took
photos of them showing their joy at how things
were going.  Instantly their mood changed, and we
had sooo much fun.
Puerto Rico's Gabriel Esquivel paints joy, 
and was delighted to become even happier!
Elisa Ana Bono is Italian, and her theme
is the ocean, like me in this Biennale.  We spent
10 days together.  I even drew her (that's
for another day), but we couldn't speak
to one another except for Hi and Goodbye --
yet a bond developed.  Elisa did the
happy people hands up, and won
a prize in ceramics (I'm just saying!)

 Switzerland's Astrid Bänziger does paintings
 in a variety of styles -- all bright and colourful.
Happiness is part of her vision. 
Encarna Díaz Velasco from Mexico showed
hangings featuring faces, and eyes that looked right
through you.  She also combined writing with drawing,
and one hanging was sculptural.  She won a prize in
mixed media.

Now here's an interesting fact, a great number of those
people became prize winners in the show!  So put your
hands in the air, put your hands in the air.  I'll show you
some of them today, and introduce you to some super
artists. Miranda and I envision this Happy People idea
continuing.  I do have more artists to introduce you to,
and I will do that next time.

Have a believing-artists-are-happy day.


Diane said...

Love this idea!! Hands in the air is my new theme song!

Verna Vogel said...

Barbara, you are just wonderful. Your blog is the first thing I read this morning - what a super way to start the day! I've got my hands in the air too :)


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Diane,

Thanks so much Diane. Me too! What a bouyant day we created and I think
the joy is still lifting me!


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Verna,

Hands in the air. I think it's a song called Dynamite. At the Biennale, the cloak room
person was often alone, and I'd come in and play my iPhone for her, and we'd dance. Well I wouldn't move much because of my silly sore knees, but it cheered her
up immensely, and I thought lets spread the joy. You definitely do that for me!


Wendy Barrett said...

Barbara, what a joyous post! I loved seeing all those happy artists and their beautiful work. You are such an inspirer of joy. I am going to put my hands up in the air too and see if it works for my book!

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