Friday, November 27, 2015

Ode to Paris

 Paris Anemones
7 x 10 inches
Barbara Muir © 2015
Steven and I have visited Paris twice this year.
We love the city.  We were deeply saddened by the horrific
killings two weeks ago on a Friday night.  I was planning
to write about my time there, and thought I wouldn't at this sad time,
but Paris and Parisians have not stopped because of these
attacks.  People still stroll by the Seine, drink coffee
in the cafés, and create and appreciate art. Paris is beautiful.
The city will mourn, but continue to be a must visit city,
especially for artists.
The Seine at night
I started painting this little watercolour of anemones when
we stayed in Paris in October.  We came home a month
ago.  Near our hotel was a beautiful flower market, and
one day I brought home a huge bouquet.  We don't ever
see anemones this large in Canada.  The flower
seller wrapped them up like a present, putting lush leaves
in with the flowers, and twirling the bouquet in thick, clear
plastic that she tied in a bow.  She seemed to take great pleasure in
the finesse of her presentation when I said they were for me.
 Me with the anemones in the hotel in Paris
I bought the paper at the charming, old art supply store near
my hotel, Maison de Haute Coleur Charvin.  In fact I went
to the store every day of our four day stay.  The paper is
not the watercolour paper I would normally use, and the
colours were in blocks, not tubes, but I felt so happy to be painting,
and all of the supplies were of the highest quality.

Seeing how Parisians are treating the sadness and losses
 they've faced with grit and determination
to continue to be Paris, I feel that it's even more important
to talk about how wonderful the city is.
I may write more another day.  For now here's a little
painting of anemones.  And some pictures from our
most recent visit.
 Edgar Degas
 Petit Danseuse de quatorze ans
originally in wax, here in bronze and 
first shown in 1881
Musée D'Orsay, Paris

To my friends in Paris, and all the kind people
we encountered everywhere we went on our visit -- thank you.    


Anonymous said...

Goodmorning Barbara,

How tru this story is. Yesterday we visited Brussel, wich isn't far from my home for your standards. Life continues, with a feeling of determination to keep things going. They are So strong. Love your flower painting and your story! You are so talented and in the naar future we will make arrangements for a exposition in the Netherlands, so people overhere can enjoy your wonderfull art.

Miranda Brouwers

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Miranda,

Thank you so much. Paris was filled with stories like that.
So warm and welcoming. I would love to be in a show in
the Netherlands. You are amazing. Love your work.

Doei,(Bye in Dutch).


Flora Doehler said...

I love that watercolour...and thanks for the lovely photo of you with the blooms...they are huge like poppies!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Flora,

Thank you. They are huge. This was true in Italy too, and one of
the things that worried me leaving France was the fate of my still
perfect anemones. I gave the bouquet to a woman working in the breakfast kitchen, and she was very happy. So was I. The thought of those beauties
going into the garbage was too much for me!


Unknown said...

Barbara, what a beautiful post. Your anemones painting (lovely) is even more of a joy because of the wonderful story behind it, I can just imagine seeing you in your happiness at your hotel having a little paint session with new 'Parisian' materials. Your time there must have been so special.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sally,

Thank you so much. Yes it was really special. Steven would be working and I'd go about two shops down from the hotel and revel in the beautiful, old paint store. I was
working with watercolor, but now I'm using some of the acrylics I bought at the Charvin store, in tubes too beautiful to open (almost). They have a huge range of colours.

Miss you,


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