Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Happy People Project attracts Dutch media! -- over the moon Happy!

 The photo of me and Miranda Brouwers appearing in the
Dutch newspaper, The Carillon today.
We are standing in front of the landscapes
Miranda showed at the Florence Biennale in October.

Miranda Brouwers, a friend I met in Italy,
was the woman who started the Happy People Project
with me at the Florence Biennale in October.  We
encouraged friends we met at the Biennale to put
their hands in the air for 2 minutes to improve
their mood and make them happy.  And it worked.

Since her return from the Biennale, Miranda has
attracted a lot of attention in Holland for the
beautiful landscapes she paints of the area where
she lives in Lage Zwaluwe (which means Low
Swallows).  This December she was part of
the Serious Request Project, a fundraiser
broadcast all day and night in the Netherlands
from December 18 - 23 by top Dutch radio and TV personalities.
Her painting, Aankondiging van de lente (Spring is in
the air) was auctioned off by the Red Cross to raise money
for the Syrian refugees, and was in a special show at the
Royal Talens Experience Center.

Low Swallows with the Bidding Ad for Serious Request
Today Miranda is featured in the Dutch Newspaper,
the Carillon. Miranda spoke about her experience at
the Biennale, how wonderful it was to be with other artists
trying to make the world a more beautiful place.  She
was delighted that she now would have opportunities
to show her work anywhere in the world, China, New York,
and other spots in Europe.

 The article in the Carillon
The title translates I couldn't have imagined this in 
my wildest dreams
In the interview for the article, Miranda explained
when asked about the best thing she experienced at
the Florence Biennale, the wonderful artists she met --
and she told me over the phone, "You (meaning me) and
 the Happy People Project."  She loved the fact that
we helped each other to be happy, and we've continued
to do that now that we are thousands of miles apart.

It was ironic that we were so busy taking photographs
of Biennale artists putting their hands in the air in the
Amy Cuddy, winning and cortisol lowering position -- that
we didn't have a shot of the two of us raising our
arms together.

So here is the photo that will go in the paper,
and a shot of the article in the paper.  Very exciting.

Have a making-joyous-friendships day.


Wendy Barrett said...

Hi Barbara,
What a great post. You met some amazing people over in Florence and Miranda was obviously one of them. It's a great photo of you both that featured in the newspaper.
I listened to the TED talk by Amy Cuddy and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can see why her power poses so inspired you and I love how you took the concept to the Florence art show with you. It was a timely and synchronistic thing for me to watch it today so thank you for sharing.
I also loved your previous heartfelt post about love.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a thrilling, fulfilling and healthy 2016! XOXO

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Wendy,

Thank you so much. You always lift my spirits. It looks amazing where
you are. I did have a wonderful Christmas with my family, and am getting
ready for New Year's Eve, which is always really fun at our house.

We even put clean covers on our couches -- much to the amazement of our two
cats and the dog! I wish you a magnificent, art and writing filled 2016,
packed with joyous experiences, and wonderful loving friends and family.


Unknown said...

Hello Barbara,

I' m trying to respond again. It's my thirth time I think. Still being happy!
Loved to read our story on your blog. Florence was So inspiring and So are You when we speek each other. I hope when we are going to inspire a lot of people with the happy People Project.
For 2016 I wish everybody a friend just like you, who Will give them positive energie to create!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Miranda,

Thank you so much -- and me too. You are so inspiring, and
were a bright force in cheering up all the artists
you met at the Biennale. Yes lets keep the Happy
People Project running. And for 2016 I wish that
everyone will have a friend like you -- who makes them
feel happy and energetic and inspired. You so rock

Happy New Year,


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