Friday, November 18, 2016

More Paris -- straight up addicted

My plan was to photograph the wonderful postcards I had
of my painting Dream Selfie in the Carrousel du Louvre show,
 in different venues around Paris -- giving my model Regan 
the Paris experience from a distance -- but I ended up being too 
busy in the moment to remember most of the time.  Here's one with Regan
metaphorically enjoying a glass of delicious Sancerre with us
 when we ate at Khao Thai, rue Dauphine on more than one evening.
I did hand out many, many postcards of Dream Selfie both at
the Louvre and around Paris in my travels. Everyone loved them,
which made me super happy.
Yes it rained, and it was still beautiful.

Okay I confess, I have thought about Paris more than is
probably healthy since I landed back in Toronto.  I have
pined for it, longed for it and missed it.  Too much?
Go there for me this weekend, and report back.  Meanwhile
I'll give those of you who can't go a bit more exposure.

Clouds reflected in a bus window outside the Musée d'Orsay

Doing the happy people pose at
the Orangerie Museum in Paris.  This is
the museum specially made
to house Monet's waterlilies, and it
is beautiful.  I am a devoted fan of
Monet's.  I have seen his work in
Stuttgart, Germany -- where I fell
deeply in love with his poplars,
in New York City, where I rush to
see the Monet water lilies (also
magnificent before the museum closes, when
I arrive), in Ottawa, Canada -- last year
his bridges, and in Paris -- Oh Monet!
Steven at the Orangerie with the
beautiful Monet Waterlilies
More of Monet's Waterlilies at the Orangerie. 

Detail from Monet's Water Lilies

Is there more?  So much more.  But I don't want to lose your interest.

Here's a picture of my wonderful friend Miranda Brouwers
 with her painting, Morning Mist
at the Carrousel du Louvre show.

A typical view in our neighbourhood

And that is all for now.  I miss you Paris.  Things have happened on this
side of the Atlantic that make me want to catch the first plane into CDG.
But the truth is I'd feel that anyway except for my wonderful family and
friends, who keep me grounded and sane and happy back here at home --
in Canada.  


Sally Chupick said...

Good morning Barbara,
I understand your yearning for Paris. It is such a beautiful city. I felt that way when we moved home from Australia after living there for 3 years...all I wanted was to go back and have coffee in the little cafe in our village that overlooked the ocean... *sigh*. It is hard to get over a wonderful wonderful experience. I think maybe we're not meant to...why not dwell and relive and enjoy those memories as long as they give pleasure...they will eventually fade to more grounded ones in time...I say enjoy the delight as long as it lasts...*ahem* "Pardon Madame, ...Je voudrais un croissant et un cafe, si vous plait." :)

Nancy B. Hartley said...

What a great post, Barbara! Love seeing your travel pics, and love your postcard idea, with your beautiful painting! I am with you! I can't get enough travel. I live to visit new places, and revisit familiar favorites! Now thinking of where to go in 2017!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Sally,

Thank you it is, and it must have been so hard coming back from Australia. I was talking to a friend
who goes to New Zealand every winter, and we both value getting to know neighbourhoods in another
country, another city. Maybe you are right. Maybe everyone, (but especially artists) needs to pay attention
to the pull of places they love.

Love your work.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Nancy,

I am amazed at how my feelings about travel have changed. I am sure it's the wonderful
friends I've met at International exhibitions, and in Nova Scotia. Friendship is a strong draw,
and I wish I had the money to pick up and go and see all of my friends' exhibitions. Love,
your work.


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