Friday, November 4, 2016

Paris -- in my heart and soul -- some memories as promised

Night one -- the bridge across the Seine across from our hotel, built in 1607!

Dear friends,

I don't think I did any drawings in Paris, but if so I'll include
them.  Here are some images -- far from perfect to show
why I love the place beyond measure.  The people we've met
are fantastic, funny, encouraging with our bad, stumbly French,
and kind. I'm tempted to start like the annoying birthday toast that
I might make that begins with the grown child's birth,  and
continues with the first smile, and so on.  But instead maybe I'll
break this into two or three blogs.  Bear with me (that's
what I might say when I move from the first smile to first toy!
And if there are 20 more years to cover the birthday guests will
definitely need more champagne).

Rain out our hotel window.  Yes that's rain.  It rained quite a bit,
You don't care when you're in Paris!
The Neighbourhood we stayed in

A Painting I loved at the Musée d'Orsay
Gustave Caillebotte  
Les raboteurs de parquet (the floor scrapers)
1875 Oil on canvas. 
I love the mood, the very French room, the light,
what looks like a bottle of wine (excellent plan).

A beautiful pillow in a store window
The butterfly and ladybug are
embroidery and loose - they
can move on the pillow!  So cool.

The store window

Okay I've decided it better be a Paris weekend.  Artistically I admit the
city resonates with me so powerfully.  And if I keep writing (I could go
all night) I will wear your Paris passion out.  Stick with me.  If you haven't
been there, you will have to go, and if you have you will understand.
Going to take my cough medicine and go to bed -- yes -- to dream of Paris.

More tomorrow I hope. 

Have a being inspired by where you are day.


Verna said...

Beautiful!!! One day perhaps I will make it to Paris. Love your photos and love the Floor Scrapers painting too.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Verna,

You will for sure make it to Paris, probably on a government grant to
represent Canada at some huge and amazing show. It will dazzle


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