Sunday, July 29, 2018

Still Life and the Flower Queen

Breakfast at the Skylight Diner NYC
Acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 inches
Barbara Muir © 2014
This painting took me to Paris, where it showed in
the Louvre in the Carousel du Louvre in 2015.  It got me to meet
the fabulous Russo brothers, Francesco Saverio Russo, and
Salvatore Russo who were hosting the show in the Louvre,
and my dear friend Alessandra Mascitti who worked as
their translator/curator, and who is one of the funniest people I know.
So I am very grateful to this painting, inspired by a romantic
breakfast I had with my husband in NYC.

I started loving painting still life around the time when I
met the fabulous artist, Flora Doehler, who has yet to exhibit
her work in Paris, and New York City, but I think the time is long
overdue, because Flora's work is amazing, and beyond amazing,
astounding.  She can make flowers sing the way they do
in real life, and make you feel over the top wonderful.

I met her at a show in the Don Valley Art Club, went to
her incredibly vivid and artistic house in Toronto, and I
think I was responsible for getting her to visit the Maritimes
(no she comboed it with a wedding).  Whatever our lovely
time in the Maritimes maybe 10 years ago, when she visited
our little school house -- lead to her and her husband, a
fantastic ceramic artist, Larry Knox moving permanently
to the small and picturesque Nova Scotia town of
Bear River. And she and Larry have been loving their brand
new Maritime life there ever since.

But back to the painting.  Wow.  Paintings can take you
anywhere.  And this one gave Paris a bit of NYC.  All
in all an international vision fest, and incredibly wonderful
time.  Thank you painting, and thank you Steven for the
delicious meal that inspired the painting, and thank you
Flora for constant inspiration. And thank you Russo brothers
for inviting me, and thank you Alessandra for being the best
twinie anyone has. (our joke).

Have a loving your artistic life day.


Verna Vogel said...

Hi Barbara,

I got your comments on my blog today - yay! I've also left several comments here on your blog posts but I guess they did not take, and I cannot now remember what I wrote, except it would've been something to the effect of how much I love your bright, happy, imaginative work, and your writing about your life & work. You are very inspiring.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Verna,

I did find your comments (I must have been in some other world), and published them, so
they are there somewhere. Maybe a few blogs back. Thank you. I so love your work.
And your posts are inspiring and motivating. I think OMG look what she's done, come
on you slacker (me), put the book down and get to work!


Flora Doehler said...

Thank you Barbara for nominating me to post every day. You know how much I love your work, your happy spirit, not to mention your exciting art adventures all over the world.
Isn't it grand that we share that world of seeing art, paintings and colour everywhere around us.
And even better, it's wonderful that we persist in painting and love what we do more and more.
Now I'd better stop being the slacker and get to posting! xoxo Flora
PS: I've sent you an email.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Flora,

Yes I believe we are incredibly lucky to love the world of art, and to be part of this exciting
art community that expands and grows more exciting every year. I love your work.
And you know that.


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