Friday, July 6, 2018

The yellow farm house and Joni Mitchell

The artists' yellow house
Acrylic on birch panel
5 x 7 inches
Barbara Muir © 2017

I started this little painting of my friend Flora's farmhouse
in Nova Scotia today.  It was a lot of fun -- I have a few
things to change, but I could feel how it would be walking up
the path to this amazing house -- how glad I always am to
be there to see Flora and her husband Larry -- both awesome

In the supermarket today I heard a Joni Mitchell song, and
the part that captured me was, "on the back of a cartoon
coaster, in the blue TV screen light.  I drew a map of
Canada. Oh Canada, with your face on it twice."
Nova Scotia is a part of Canada I miss with an almost
bodily ache, and Joni was really good at singing that feeling.
Oh Canada indeed.  How I love you.

I hope I have some time to tweak the odd thing on this little
painting tomorrow.  Meanwhile Canada and Nova Scotia,
"Oh you are in my blood, like holy wine." To me that
is always sweet.

Have a painting what you love day. 


Mary O. said...

i miss you dear friend. Your paintings are superb! I love them! All is good in this neck of the woods hope it is for you too! xxx Mary

Barbara Muir said...

Is that you Mary? I miss you too. I tried calling a couple of times. It's a busy time because
I'm teaching a fast track course twice a week. I've hardly noticed this hot, hot summer go by. I saw a TV show
the other day on Comox and thought of you. You live in a glorious place.
Take pictures and send them, and I getting back into painting big time in a week!


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