Sunday, November 24, 2019

Transformation in progress -- exciting!

Clouds over the bay
(work in progress)
Acrylic on canvas
40 x 40 inches
 Barbara Muir © 2014 - 2019
When I paint an ocean scene I want the beauty in the work
to be overwhelming, like it is in real life.  This painting was not
giving me the joy it needs to.  I see it every day, and half wince.
Tonight I began working on its transformation.  All I've changed so far is
the blue between the clouds, and just below them.  Already it pops
more like a magical sky, but expect more.  The scene I was trying
to capture of Nova Scotia clouds over the bay near the beach we visit
every day -- was not rendered powerfully enough to let the painting

My colour choices for the clouds aren't completely satisfying to me.
I painted this the year after my mother died.  I was for sure grieving her,
and also changing -- growing up the way we do ideally with the loss
of a beloved, brave person.  So I will be changing the clouds a bit.
But I'm already so much happier with the painting.

I've also been thinking about this practice I decided on of blogging
every day.  It has been a great pleasure, and I'm also aware
of the pressure on artists to be present all the time on social
media.  Thinking about the great works of art I've seen
in major galleries in Paris, New York, and Florence.  None
of the massive, brilliant, detailed iconic work happened
overnight.  Some of those beautiful paintings took years
to produce.

Things have changed for artists.  We do need to communicate
with the world. But that's not why I'm here writing to you. It's
because I enjoy it.  When you comment on what I've painted, or
drawn, or written it makes me feel wonderful.

Have a loving the present moment day.

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