Friday, November 29, 2019

Packing it up -- One step in an artist's life

Steven unpacking my work when it came
home from the 2009 Florence Biennale.
That was one of the least expensive,
and most fabulous shipping jobs ever.
It was controlled by the Biennale,
and very well done.  Sadly that option was over
for the 2015 Biennale. 

Shipping is not a joke, and I just read an old post of mine about a video
by Seth Godin, who uses shipping as a metaphor.  I understand why.
He says you have to have the courage to get in the game, and shipping
gets you in the game. He explained that what some of us do is stall, and
miss deadlines, and that gets in our way.  Shipping puts the heat on.
You have to ship by a certain date. Period.  There even has to be leeway,
to make sure you achieve that goal.

I packed up four pieces today to send to New York City.  They have to be
there by Tuesday, and the shipper assured me that they will be.  But 
it is still a dicey proposition to pack up four of your paintings that you
love -- understand that the shipping will be expensive, and then send it

Trust is a big word in the art world.  I have used the same shipper for
international shipping for 10 years, in the same place.  Faces in the
business change, but their work has been excellent, and other than the
galleries, and the curators, they are one of the entry points to showing
internationally.  Without them it could not happen.  So I am grateful.

The other thing people don't mention about shipping art to a show is the
"whew!" factor.  All of the anxiety you've been running on for weeks,
or months since you committed to this insanely expensive proposition,
falls off you like leaves off the trees when the pieces leave your hands
and are taken over by others.  I still have a ton of things to do.  But
that job can go off my list.  

Have a shipping with people you trust day. 
There was a woman in the shop today shipping a suit to Kingston, Ontario
 -- a three hour car ride away.  It had to be there today.  I'm thinking, "wedding?,
big speech?, graduation? Why today?"  And the woman said she would,
"spare no expense!"  so let's say it can also be fascinating waiting for
your problem to be taken care of in the shipper's store.  

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