Friday, March 12, 2021

What makes you happy?


Sunset St. Clair, Toronto
Barbara Muir © 2020
(The sunset last night was spectacular,
turning all the buildings on the south
side of St. Clair gold.  Magic. 
Wishing you a brilliant

10 Reasons to be happy

It seems like a good day for the simple post 10 reasons to be happy.
What are yours?

1. The sun is slicing into my room and leaving bands of brilliant
light on the yellow walls.  Beyond beautiful.

2.  The sky is filled with the kinds of clouds I love, puffy and white
racing across the blue, powered by a strong wind.

3.  I went for a walk with a good friend and her dog, and the sights
were lovely.  Sun everywhere, and people masked and distant 
looking cheery.

4. I am working on a painting of clouds, and will keep working on
it today.

5. I talked to my sister in California, and she is well.

6. I am going to my favourite art store today, and can go inside
and look around. Masked and social distanced of course.

7.  I am buying real gold leaf in case I feel like painting a 
Klimt. LOL. Yes.  Not a copy -- a Klimt inspired peace.

8.  I listened to a wonderful meditation on Happiness by 
the woman from Positive Magazine.  I love her voice, and
felt elated and motivated afterwards.

9. Your work online on the blogs, Facebook, and Instagram
inspires me, and makes me so happy.

10.  Right now I am going to go and work on my painting (No pressure).
My message to myself for today is No Pressure.  

Have a thinking about why you are happy day.


Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

Well reading this blog post made me happy! My son gave me the book 14,000 things to be happy about. I have it at my desk and pick it up when I am feeling particularly low. It inspires me to think more about what makes me happy. Thank you, your post did the same.;)

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you so much Evelyn,

Your son sounds lovely. I guess if we're thinking that way there are 14,000 things to be happy about every day -- especially for artists. Our eyes see everything. Going to the little 3 person market near me this morning, I watched a Fire Engine turning the corner, no sirens, and saw the beauty of the sparkling red, the driver with a mask on, the couples walking arm in arm in the sun, the brilliant blue of the sky, the warm brown of the trees. That was before we met the farmer we buy from, and on it goes. I hope you don't feel low too often. It is easy in this time to feel a bit lost. You make me happy every time I see your work, I'm glad if I can do the same.


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