Friday, May 14, 2021

The park’s the solution

Seagulls in the park

A beautiful day and a hard day today. I feel so lucky that simply the blue of the sky can make me happy. But some days it’s not quite so easy. On the days when
the state of the world, and Lockdown, and Covid are just too much, the answer is a visit to our favourite park.

To the antibreaders look back on my previous post where I talked about the Queen’s
Swan experts, and Oxford University bird specialists who say feeding  bread to ducks, geese, swans, and seagulls is just fine. So we took the end of a loaf of bread – very good bread with lots of seeds – to our favourite park today and fed the seagulls and
the geese. If I can load the video that I took a few days ago, I will. If not I’ll post a picture. The scene at the park was magnificent. The sunset came through the trees, and shone onto the pond, where the light broken up by the gentle waves caused by the geese and swans swimming was magnificent.

And after such a short time there we were happy again and ready to face whatever was coming our way with cheer and hope.

Have a loving nature day.


Jennifer Rose said...

seagulls will eat anything which is why they taste horrible so bread for them would be a delicacy lol

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Jennifer,

We love seagulls, and ducks, geese and swans. And they all love good bread.
I hope never to be forced to eat a seagull. They are also incredibly intelligent. Our dog will eat anything -- everything. But she has some very scatalogical preferences. Messy for her two feline roommates.

Love your work.


Jennifer Rose said...

the only reason i know what they taste like is because of Marines lol, its a very last resort for food if you need something lol

Barbara Muir said...

Yikes Jennifer,

I guess there are lots of similar last resorts here, but I wouldn’t want to eat any of them.


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