Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Delight in what happened!

Before the Dance in the red dress
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 48 inches
© Barbara Muir 2008

I am working on a portrait today, which is slowly becoming what
I hoped for.  It seems almost magical that three of my favourite 
portraits came up on my Facebook memories -- as if to say,
"Girl you've got this."  At the very beginning of blogging I was
working on a series that lasted for quite a few years called
The Dance Series.

The Promise Acrylic on canvas 36 x 48 inches Barbara Muir © 2009 (available)

There were different parts to the series -- Before the Dance, which
featured young people on the edge of growing up -- about to step
onto the dance floor of life.  If you follow me on Instagram,
you'll know that I frequently feature my favourite dancers' videos
in my story.  I love the joy and exuberance they display.

Before the dance with the cat Acrylic on canvas 36 x 48 inches Barbara Muir © 2009,

But the dance series showed both the beauty, and nervousness
young people have when they are stepping into their futures.
I also did paintings of adults who were part of At the Dance,
or After The Dance. So these three beauties came up for me
today, and I hear their message -- "Keep painting, and 
keep on dancing."

Have a doing what you love day. 


Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

These are so beautiful ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ Looking forward to the new one. �� Keep dancing and painting.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Evelyn,

You too. Keep dancing and painting. Love your lemon series. Thank you.
Your kind and positive comments make me so happy.


Jennifer Rose said...

they have such a great glowing energy to them 😀

Barbara Muir said...

Thank you so much Jennifer Rose,

Of course people in their late teens early 20s do have this glowing
energy. It will be nice when they can have ordinary social lives

Love your work,


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