Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Two years ago on this day


Marty's Mom
acrylic on canvas
24" x 36"
Barbara Muir © 2004
(Thinking about Marty's Mom, who
was a great woman. Her
grandson Sam is getting married
this weekend, and she would
have been so happy for him.)
When I painted this, I didn't
take a decent photo and it was a 
most enjoyable commission.)

On April 19, 2020, I was one month into teaching online.
That month I wrote about coping, and about the 5 best,
and 5 worst things that had happened because of the virus.
This time I think I'll stick with bests.  The list of worsts is 
too long.

10 Best things that have happened because of the virus:

1. I learned how to teach online through Zoom, and that
has been a gift.

2. We got a kitten, and she has entertained us through this
past winter. 

3. It snowed yesterday -- April 18 -- which even for Canada is
 late, but as flowers are part of what has kept us and me 
happy during the pandemic, I moved the pansies, and when
the snow melted they were fine.

4. My husband and I have spent so much time talking to
one another, (since the pandemic we both work at home)
 that even though we argue sometimes, we are
closer than ever.

5. We have spent a lot of time at our favourite park.

6. Our coffee group started having Zoom meetings once
a week, and we've been able to see one another and share
book ideas, best movies to watch, and enjoy each other's

7. I have made new, wonderful friends through the blog,
and Instagram.

8. We have totally realized how much we loved our life
before the pandemic, and talk about our memories, 
of travel and parties to keep those memories alive. Plus
we have a list of what we'll do when it feels safe to travel.

9. Talking to artist friends and family, on Zoom
and FaceTime, and feeling connected.

10. Getting wonderful work from my students.

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